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National Volunteer Week

Some of the volunteers who keep the Senior Center running posed for this group shot. Seated from left: Vanessa Ellis and Cindy Wampner. Second row from left: Marilyn Cantrell, Margaret Heithold, Mark Lavely, Minnie Akers, Luetta Swaringim, Mickie Supple, Wanda Hamby, Ann Liebert, Rose Nabity, and Sharon Harrison. Back row from left: Richard Hofstetter, Kay Shelton, Stan Shelton, Jerry Wampner, Jeff Goris, Irene Lingo, John Nabity, Keith Cantrell, and Connie Kell. (Photo by Shari Harris)
National Volunteer Week April 7-13
By Shari Harris
“What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.” Greek philosopher Aristotle taught this important truth more than 2300 years ago. The living proof of this can be found in Licking and many other communities in our area. Volunteers are vitally important in many places throughout the area, but the United Community Help Center and the Senior Center volunteers are these organizations’ life blood.
From left: Rocky Hildebrand, Christine Karnes, Wanda Hamby, Terry Snelling, and Donnetta James, along with other volunteers, keep the United Community Help Center doors open to those needing assistance . (Photo by Shari Harris)
The United Help Center volunteers met at Olig’s BBQ to celebrate National Volunteer Week. Volunteers who are just as important but were not available for their picture included Diane Perry, Jackie Keaton, Reggie Ward, Paul Miers, Tony Yates, Isabel McConnell, Tom Gale, Larry Keaton, Shelby Breedlove, and Dean Karnes.
The Senior Center celebrated Viola Bailey’s 34 years of service and 
Luetta Swaringim’s 15 years of service with cake and ice cream.
Vi says, “I love getting up and coming. It’s the greatest thing I’ve every done.”
Luetta reports she began volunteering when her husband died, “to get away from the house.”
(Photo by Christy Porter)
The Senior Center volunteers wore t-shirts Thursday to celebrate. Cindy Wampner said of the volunteers, “I think we’ve got the best volunteers in the land. They’re all just good, dedicated volunteers. I appreciate every one of them.” Wampner reports many, many other individuals volunteer at the senior center who were not pictured, including volunteers from the LHS FBLA, which sends two students each day.
All volunteers deserve to be honored for their service. These individuals give their time and energy to keep their communities alive. They are “the essence of life” for their communities. Whether you volunteer at the Senior Center or UCHC, at a hospital or hospice, at a nursing home or residential care center, at a school, at a museum or library, as a coach or tutor, as a firefighter, as a community organizer of special events, at church, or at any place, this week and all year long, we recognize the importance of what you give. Thank you all for your service to our communities.


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