TCB Executive VP retires

Photo by Shari Harris
Ogden visits with well-wishers at his retirement party Friday.
By Shari Harris,

Town & Country Bank bid farewell to Executive Vice President and Licking Branch Manager Rick Ogden Friday. A steady stream of well-wishers filled the lobby to share cake and punch, to reminisce and to wish Ogden well in his retirement.
Thirty-two years ago, Ogden joined the People’s Savings Bank on Main Street as Vice President. Generations of customers have sought his advice and assistance over the years. Ogden remarked, I enjoyed working with the people…seeing them do well.”
One of Ogden’s fondest memories with the bank is when it moved in 1989 from the small building on Main Street to the new building on Hwy. 32 East. The spacious surroundings were a definite improvement and quite a change for all the employees.
Terry Dawson started with the bank before Ogden, and has many memories of working with Ogden over the years. When asked what the Licking branch would miss the most about Ogden, Dawson stated, “His knowledge of banking is great…it will be sorely missed. He has a lot of community knowledge…the history (of Licking).” Dawson also commented on Ogden’s personality, that he liked to laugh and have fun also.
Ogden commented, “Thank you to the Licking community, to all my customers I’ve dealt with over the years. I appreciate every one of them. Licking’s been very good to me and my family.“
Ogden’s current plans for retirement include drinking coffee with friends, but when his wife retires, he and Marguerite hope to do some traveling.
Rawly Gorman has taken the reins as Vice President and Branch Manager. Ogden expressed no doubts about Gorman’s ability to lead. When asked why he chose now to retire, he reported he “had the opportunity (with) people trained and ready to take over.” Ogden “felt good about” business continuing at its current proficiency without him, due to the skills of the current staff of the bank.
It seems business will continue as usual at the Licking branch of the Town & Country Bank, but Rick Ogden has indeed left a legacy of customer service and good banking practices that will not be forgotten. Thank you, Rick, for all that you have given during your tenure.



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