AWANA Awards Ceremony

Photo by Scott Hamilton
First Baptist Church AWANA leaders and clubbers.

By Scott Hamilton
First Baptist Church of Licking held their 17th annual AWANA Awards Ceremony Sunday night. They celebrated the accomplishments of the 22 clubbers that attended through this last season. Also recognized were the Leaders and Helpers for their service.
AWANA is divided into groups by age of the clubbers, from 2-years-old through high school. Awards are given for accomplishments in scripture memorization and activities completion. This year there were over 200 Bible verses memorized by the clubbers.
The first group honored was the youngest clubbers, “Puggles.” Their proud leaders this year were teens from the church, Alya Fike and Maddie Lilly, who both received their one-year Youth Ministries Pins and a Puggles Pin. Meredith Hamilton, Melinda Valles, and Malia Smith all received participation certificates and ribbons. Meredith Hamilton also received her trophy for second place in the annual Pinewood Derby.
Next up were the “Cubbies,” three- and four-year-olds. This is the youngest group to memorize scriptures and both clubbers were able to complete the “Honeycomb Book.” Anotonio Turrubiates and Ashlyn Launius received ribbons for participation and completion of their book. The group leader was Cadrian Hutsell who has been serving as a teen in the program for three years. Cadrian received a three-year Youth Ministries Pin and a Cubbies Pin.
The “Sparks,” kindergarten through second grade, was the largest group and combined memorized over 100 verses. Their leaders, Lucinda and David Smith, were very proud of the energetic group of children. Lucinda received a pin for five-years of service and David for four-years. Sofie Hutsell and Nathan Umfleet received ribbons for the completion of Book One. Obaadiah Hamilton, Logan Jackson, Alyvi Turrubiates, Carly Reddy, Gage Kalloch and Karlie Kalloch all received participation ribbons.
Photo by Scott Hamilton
First Baptist Church AWANA clubbers.

The third through sixth grade “Truth in Training Club” was led by Alvis Stewart, who received a two-year Pin and T&T Leader pin, and Stacie Hutsell. Stacie is the veteran of the program, receiving her 15-year Pin this year along with the T&T and Journey Leader Pins. Stacie also received a 14-year Pin that took over a year to track down, as it seems there was only one available from a club in Australia. She now has both the pin and the envelope it was mailed in from Australia. Sadia Hutsell received the Challenge Award and Pin for completion of her book while Noah Hamilton, Brayden Jackson, Faun Jackson, Avery Launius, Ashley Puhrmann, Ashlee Umfleet and Noah Umfleet received participation ribbons. Noah Hamilton also received his first place trophy and Noah Umfleet his third place trophy for the Pinewood Derby held earlier in the season.
Stacie Hutsell also acted as the leader for the Journey, the High School age group. The program only had one participant in this age group, Cadrian Hutsell. Cadrian worked as a leader in AWANA along with completing her first Journey Challenge, gaining a Journey Certificate and Pin. There were no clubbers participating in the Junior High age “Trek” program this year.
Stephanie Fike received honors as the Commander and a six-year service pin. The program would not have been possible without her hard work and leadership. Pastor Rob Lilly honored her with a gift certificate. James Fike served as the Game Director, helping the clubbers to burn energy during the evenings. He received his two-year service pin. Justin and Jamie Fike also served in leading games, running the sound system, and as fill-ins where needed. They each received a one-year Youth Ministries Pin.
Photo by Scott Hamilton
Awards table showing certificates, pins, and prizes awarded during the evening.

Also honored for their efforts in making AWANA possible were the kitchen staff, helpers and council time leaders: Rob Lilly, nine-years; Barry Reynolds, nine-years; Ellen Reynolds, nine-years; Margaret Burch, eight-years; Lorene Gobble, seven-years; and Phyllis Caton, six-years; also the Snack and Store Donors: Angela Carte, Benda Habina and First Baptist Church Sunday School Classes.


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