Ozarks Older Iron Club holds spring show

Photo from Facebook: Despite the less than perfect weather several participated in the annual tractor pull. After all, tractors were meant to get muddy.
By Scott Hamilton


The Ozarks Older Iron Club holds two shows every year. Their spring show took place May 10 and 11 and, despite the rainy weather, the members and others from the community came out to enjoy the activities. The show was held at the club grounds, where they have several pieces of vintage farm equipment on display year round. 
Photo from Facebook: Isaac Schmitt works to repair a vintage threshing machine during the Ozarks Older Iron Spring Show.

There were several activities and events including a parade of vintage farm gear, a tractor show, vintage gasoline and steam engine demonstrations, vintage threshing machines and the club’s vintage saw mill was in operation both days of the show.

Club members enjoyed the opportunity not only to show off their vintage equipment, but to let the equipment work. The roads at the grounds turned to mud during the event making it difficult to navigate the grounds before they fired up the vintage rock crusher and went to work filling the deep muddy ruts with newly crushed rock. 
Photo from Facebook: The recent rainy weather gave the members of Ozarks Older Iron Club the opportunity to put a vintage rock crusher to use filling mud holes at the spring show.

There was not a clean tractor on the scene of the tractor pull, especially following the event.  Unlike the classic car clubs, the members of the Ozark Older Iron Club are happy to see their tractors work in the mud and rain, like they were designed to do so many years ago.
Photo from Facebook: Ozarks Older Iron Club holds spring and fall shows each year. The spring show was a great success despite rainy weather.

The Ozark Older Iron Club is Branch 28 of the Early Days Gas Engine and Tractor Association and was established in 1988 in West Plains. In 2001 the club acquired 38 acres in Cabool and now has their own show grounds. They have a growing collection of donated farm equipment and memorabilia on the grounds. They hold monthly meetings on the first Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. Guests and new memberships are welcome at all times.



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