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PRCA Rodeo Clown Brian Potter

Potter’s home is in Newville, Ala., where he lives on his ranch, is a father of two beautiful daughters and works as an equine dentist during the off season. Most of the year, Potter entertains crowds across North America as a professional rodeo clown, traveling as far south and east as Florida and as far north and west as British Columbia, Canada.
Potter has been in the rodeo business since 1988, as a competitor, bull fighter and barrel man. He began his career as a rodeo clown in 2001 and has performed his world class acts in four circuit finals, numerous PRCA and major rodeos, and bull riding events across the country.
Potter’s extensive experience has contributed to his ability to adapt his style and performances to fit the specific needs of each event he works. He understands the production aspect of rodeo and works hard to support the team to produce a professional and smoothly choreographed performance and to maximize the entertainment value for spectators. When asked what he sees is his role as a rodeo clown, Potter explains, “From an entertainment point of view, my first job is to keep the crowd entertained so the performance flows and doesn’t have dead spots. From a production aspect I know an exceptional show this year sells tickets for next year’s rodeo, and part of my job is to help sell tickets for next year’s show.”
In addition to Potter’s unforgettably funny feature acts, “Hurshie the Quarter of a Horse,” “Motocross Mike,” and “Redneck Fireworks,” he has mastered the art of “walk and talk.” He has a strong arena presence and natural ability to get up close and personal with the crowd; ensuring spectators are engaged and entertained throughout the entire rodeo performance. Potter describes his greatest strengths as a performer, “I have very strong acts; they are unique, funny and have proven to be very entertaining. They have been given great reviews by both rodeo committees and by spectators. But telling jokes and keeping the crowd engaged is the creative and challenging part of my business. It’s a balancing act between me, the announcer and of course the crowd. Being funny on the spot, having something funny to say for a given situation or unique opportunity is what draws a crowd in. And, knowing when to step in and when to let the show continue is what makes a good performance.”
Potter’s success has afforded him the opportunity to be selected two times for the Turquoise Circuit Finals, the South Eastern Circuit Finals and the Wilderness Circuit Finals. Other noteworthy events he has been invited to perform include:  two times Salinas, Calif. Rodeo, two times Laughlin, Nev. Rodeo and Extreme Bulls, two times Livingston, Mont. Rodeo, Brighton, Fla. Rodeo and Extreme Bulls, and two times Williams Lake Stampede, British Columbia, Canada as well as many others.


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