PTO Movie Night May 4

Dear Parents and Students,
Hello from your NEW local PTO! We are so excited to say that our first year, though not without struggles, has been a success! Many of you are wondering what is the function of PTO and how it is incorporated into the continuing education of our students. Well first off, our main goal is to help benefit the students in a more well rounded educational experience. We live in a rural community with all the conveniences of educational learning, yet we are not granted the same opportunities as schools in a more urban area. The goal of PTO is to find a happy medium to provide our students with more classroom materials, field trips to educational/fun locations, and to create a better school through equipment donations. We, PTO, want to work hand in hand with the school to fill in any areas that are not supported through regular funding. We feel that the students in this school are the community’s responsibility as a whole. Each student should be granted with the materials that are needed for educational success. We wish to support our teachers and their classrooms and provide materials that are needed to help engage the students in learning.
So, how do we receive our funding? Through partnering with our community through fundraisers and donations. This year we had a very successful first fundraiser with the Great American Company that assisted in  starting us in our financial endeavors to assist our students. We currently are selling candy bars with the World’s Finest Chocolate Company. You may have seen them around town at various businesses as well as on our high school campus at lunch breaks. The money collected from those has already made an impact in our schools. Coming up, we have a very exciting movie night that will include a movie, games, snacks, and a bounce house for only $2.00 per person on May 4th at the FEMA building at 6 p.m. We are excited that the Sonic hot dog, as well as other area businesses, which will be posted at the event, have helped to make this happen! Soon we will start looking into how to better our schools through writing PTO grants that can provide schools with an array of supplemental and needed items. If you know you are an excellent grant writer we encourage you to JOIN the PTO!!
Many people are interested in how the money has assisted in helping our students so far.  The PTO has been able to provide students with t-shirts in each grade level to be worn to school functions such as field trips and end of school field day. The t-shirts will then go home with each student at the end of the year. At Christmas we gave out $20 gift certificates to randomly selected teachers. The gift certificates were from the Teachers Pay Teachers organization, which provides interactive materials to be used in enhancing classroom learning. These activities are hands-on engagement that allow the student to have an interactive experience. During this teachers’ week, we were able to give a $15 certificate from Teachers Pay Teachers to each teacher in the Elementary and High School. We awarded kindergarten classrooms the $75 needed for their field trip. Our crowning achievement for the year is being able to give Licking Elementary school $1,000 to cover extra expenditures for field trips. This money will roll over to next year if not all is needed. OUR goal is that next year we will cover the cost of all field trips for the Elementary School! In the future we hope to be able to purchase larger items/experiences for the school. We will have a final financial report that will be published in July of this year in coordination with our by-laws. 
Finally, what we need most is members just like you! We have a spot and a place for everyone. Membership is easy as it is $5 per family and you receive a PTO t-shirt and voting privileges at our monthly meetings. Currently the PTO meets every second Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. in the Elementary library. We want to have members from all walks of life; parents, grandparents, foster parents, teachers, aunts and uncles.  Because the bottom line is that we all want a great environment for our kids to learn in!

Heather Ingram, President
Georgia Merrick, Vice-President
Jennifer Nelson, Secretary
Trista Kinder, Treasurer
The Licking PTO



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