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Flycreek Digital Arts LLC

By Shari Harris

With just over a week to go before his grand opening, Douglas Ashby is determined to be ready. His machines are up and running, he has made desks and ordered chairs for his work stations, and the ideas for “possibilities” he is excited about making happen have already begun.
The northwest corner of the old Rawlings factory building will be home to Flycreek Digital Arts LLC, Ashby’s self-described sandbox, which he invites others to share with him. Ashby will be creating metal artwork in addition to artwork and functional items made with other materials including on 3D printers. His ribbon cutting will be at 8:00 a.m. on July 6 and his grand opening that day will be until 6 p.m.
Flycreek Digital Arts LLC will be open Tue., Thu. and Sat., with appointments for videography projects on Mon., Wed., and Fri. Graphic Design artwork classes are planned to begin in August on Tuesday and Thursday nights, with registration beginning in July. Classes will be limited to 10 per class, so if you would like to learn to “play” in this sandbox with the high-tech “toys” Ashby has assembled, register early.
This unique workshop is an exciting addition to Licking. Whether you are an artist, an inventor, just have some ideas you’ve always wondered about, or like to see and purchase what others have produced, you should stop by and see what Flycreek is all about.


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