Licking School employees’ awards

Photo submitted by Melissa Lewis
Mrs. Gina Whitaker was awarded the Licking 
Elementary Teacher of the Year Award.
Licking School employees’ awards

Teachers and other employees were honored for their years of service with Licking Schools with pins.
This year, pins were awarded as follows: 25-years -- Lois Harris; 20-years -- Deborah Taylor; 15-years -- Lee Williams; 10-years -- Amanda Floyd, Ben Glasgow and Maretta Voyles; 5-years -- Briana Link, Amanda Wade, Angela Barton, Colin Ellis, Ashley Martin, Donna Dunlap, Tony Huff, Samantha Weber, Mitch Harris, Terri Moncrief, Natasha Reed and Jarad Rinne.
Retirees from the Licking School District this year included: Gina Whitaker, Connie Buckner and Debbie Taylor. Students and coworkers alike will definitely miss them.
Photo submitted by Melissa Lewis
The Licking High School Teacher of the Year Award was presented to Dr. Dan Hatch, pictured here with his wife, Cookie Hatch.
Billie Krewson presented teacher of the year awards from the Community Teachers’ Association to Dr. Dan Hatch and Mrs. Gina Whitaker. 

Congratulations to both, and to all who worked so hard to ensure a good education for the students of the area.


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