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VBS at First Baptist Church of Licking

Photo by Shari Harris
Children and parents gathered for the Friday night parents’ night program at the First Baptist Church of Licking’s VBS.

VBS at First Baptist Church of Licking
By Andrea Faber

The First Baptist Church of Licking held its 2019 VBS last week, and the children took a trip through the Bible. Monday started, of course, with “In the Beginning” and Tuesday was “The 10 Commandments.” Wednesday jumped to the New Testament with “The Miracles of Jesus,” Thursday was “He is Risen” and Friday finished with “The Road to Damascus.” Barry and Ellen Reynolds are the Mission Leaders and they had different missionaries come to speak to the kids. This made it very real for the kids instead of just reading about them.
About 30 children attended each night, learning about Jesus, participating in fun events, and enjoying a dinner. The dinners were themed…for the creation we had “the tree of knowledge” which was fresh broccoli, and “serpent in the dirt” which was gummy worms in chocolate. The kitchen staff did a marvelous job and the food was delicious. Recreation was a blast…kids wore shower caps with shaving cream and their partner had to throw cheese puffs and see how many they could get to stick…the most that stuck won. It was grand time all around.
The boys competed against the girls in a change contest. The contest is done by weight. All the money raised goes to the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home. The girls won by weight but the boys won by amount because they had more quarters, dimes and nickels. The boys raised $195.25 and the girls raised $152.30 for a total of $347.55 (this is hand counted, bank will officially count).
Parents were invited Friday night to spend the evening with their kids and go through the rotation with them.  The kids enjoyed performing that evening, and the parents enjoyed it as well. Each night a child attended, they got a ticket for a bike drawing. If the child brought a friend, they got 2 tickets and their friend got a ticket. This year’s bicycle winners were: Adam Hagler and Elsie Friend.
VBS wouldn’t happen without all the volunteers who join in to make it a success. This year’s helpers were: Andrea Faber, Rob and Trini Lilly, Jared Lilly, Ryan Lilly, Josh Lilly, Maddie Lilly, Barry and Ellen Reynolds, Kendra Goforth, Bryant and Beth Chilton, Tim and Gina Umfleet, Cadrian Hutsell, Jamie Tripp, Angela Carte, Judie Guthrie, Lucinda Smith, Kathy Hooker, James and Stephanie Fike, Ayla Fike, Justin Fike, Jamie Fike, Chad and Kelsey Gillaspy, Linda Friend, Sandy Aiken, Megan Roark, and Tiffany Brunkhorst.


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