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Calderas sentenced in Steinfeld case

By Shari Harris

Briana Calderas, of Cabool was sentenced on Wednesday, July 10 for charges of abandonment of a corpse, concealing a felony, and tampering with physical evidence in felony prosecution related to the Sept. 17 killing of 17-year-old Ally Steinfeld just north of Cabool. Calderas pleaded guilty to the three charges on May 9 and was sentenced in Pulaski County after an earlier change of venue from Texas County.
Calderas was sentenced to 4 years incarceration in the Missouri Dept. of Corrections for all three counts, with counts two and three concurrent, consecutive to count 1.
In an article from The Licking News dated September 28, 2017, it was reported that “Deputy Rowdy Douglas conducted an interview with Briana Calderas who admitted Steinfeld was killed at her residence. She also admitted to helping burn the body. She was able to tell officials where the knife was that had been used to kill Steinfeld and give them Steinfeld’s cell phone that she had hid in her residence. Calderas then admitted to helping drag out Steinfeld’s body, purchasing items to help burn the body and cleaning agents to help clean up the blood.”


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