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Fly Creek Digital Arts Grand Opening

Photo by Shari Harris
Fly Creek Digital Arts ribbon cutting took place July 6. Pictured left to right: Joan Brannon and her granddaughter, McKinley ReVelle, Suzie Wulff, Lloyd Cotton, Scott Hamilton, Marie Cotton, Melinda Davidson, Todd Davidson, Lisa Pursifull, Sylvia Pursifull, Sam Davidson, Doug Ashby, Jim Hagler, Brian Friend, Jerad Pursifull and Kyle Smith.

By Scott Hamilton

High-tech business comes to Licking with the opening of Fly Creek Digital Arts.  Owner Doug Ashby has spent the last several years “making”, now he wants to make makers. The business goals of Fly Creek include teaching people how to make things. 
Ashby shared his background of years, creating products to sell, from metal arts, shotguns, and software. He realized that most people today are out looking for a job, rather than making things happen for themselves. He wants Fly Creek to become an enabler for those interested in making their own products. 
Fly Creek is open to the public for classes in digital arts with regular business hours from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and by appointment on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He is offering one-on-one training and classes in digital arts.
Fly Creek houses Licking’s first 3-D Printer for making plastic arts, a custom built vinyl cutting machine capable of cutting vinyl up to four by six feet in size, plasma cutting machine capable of cutting sheet metal up to four by eight feet and other metal working machines. We encourage you to stop by and talk to Ashby about your ideas.


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