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IECA “working together under one umbrella”

Photo by Shari Harris
Intercounty Electric Cooperative Association Board members.

By Christy Porter
Managing Editor

Intercounty Electric Cooperative Association held their annual membership meeting Fri., June 28 at the Licking City Park. The theme this year was ‘working together under one umbrella’, however the only umbrellas to be seen were the ones in their gift bags. It was a beautiful day for the large crowd that were present for the meeting, the vendors, the fun and festivities.
Intercounty Electric Cooperative Association is committed to providing reliable power to the communities they service, to helping their local communities grow and working with government and businesses. All working together under a cooperative umbrella.
Photo by Shari Harris
Registration for the business meeting began at 8 a.m. Friday morning. Friendly staff helped with the process.
Registration began at 8 a.m. and the activities continued through early afternoon.
Prize drawings were held throughout the day. IECA gave away a set of electric credits to members in attendance and a set of electric credits to members who registered and voted by mail. 
Submitted Photo
Doug Lane, CEO, Gen. Mgr. presented 
Jeffrey Thomure, Mountain View, 
member in attendance with the $600 electric credit.

Winners for the Annual Meeting Registration: $600 - Jeffrey Thomure, Mtn. View; $200 - Curtis Blackwell, Salem; $200 - Joe & Gail Hubbs, Salem; $100 - Terry & Jo Lewis, Rolla; $100 -  Steven & Beverly Clark, Plato; $100 -  Don & Linda Wrinkles, Licking; $100 - Ellen Mares, Licking.

Winners for the Mail-In Registration: $600 - Debbie Dalton, Rolla; $200 - June Blevins, Mtn. Grove; $200 - Jim & Ann Pyatt, Salem; $100 - Len & Cheryl Mathis, Edgar Springs; $100 - Sam Elliott, Success; $100 - Frank & Ardyce Blohm, Houston; $100 - Nancy Graf, Mtn. Grove. Bicycle Winners were: Ava Walker, Adam Hagler, Bentley Cook and Rebekah Sutton.
Submitted Photo
Happy bicycle winners were Ava Walker, 
Adam Hagler, Bentley Cook 
and Rebekah Sutton.

Submitted Photos

The business meeting commenced at 10 a.m. with Invocation by Pastor Darius Wentz of New Life Freewill Baptist Church. The National Anthem was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Board President Jim White began the meeting, greeting Mayor Keith Cantrell, who then welcomed everyone to Licking. White introduced members of the board and reports were provided by White, Tom Fleener, Secretary/Treasurer and Doug Lane, CEO.
Intercounty members re-elected all three board incumbents: James E. White from the North District, Matthew A. Duncan from the Central District and Richard H. Ichord, III from the South District. Members also voted to pass the proposed bylaw change, thereby allowing the co-op more time to process nominations by petition prior to the Annual Membership Meeting.
Election of directors, unfinished business and new business was addressed before adjournment. 
Photo by Shari Harris
Board President Jim White honored Susan Parish, Assistant CEO for her many years of service.
Susan Parish, Assistant CEO, was honored by White for her many years of service at IECA. Parish will have 40 years, six months at Intercounty when she retires later this year.
White also recognized the 119 employees of Intercounty for their hard work and dedication, naming the department heads. 
Photos by Shari Harris and Christy Porter
Guest Speaker Doug Rusk, Montauk State Park Superintendent, spoke on the Missouri State Parks.
Photo by Shari Harris
Doug Rusk

Voting commenced immediately following the business meeting.
A BBQ picnic lunch was offered to all attending members and guests at the lunch hour.
Photo by Christy Porter
The Baker Family performed at the IECA annual membership meeting.
Provided entertainment was enjoyed at 9 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. by The Baker Family. They are a south central Missouri based bluegrass band with numerous feature performances and awards. The music was greatly enjoyed and kept the audience smiling.
Photos by Shari Harris and Christy Porter
Texas County Memorial Hospital provided a Multi-Chem Profile for a very reasonable price. In addition they had various information about their services and staff. The staff was friendly and outgoing which made the blood draw more pleasant. Breakfast was made available by the Raymondville Rural Fire Department for those who had fasted. Other relevant health providers were also present with information ranging from home health and independent living to assistance with insurance needs.
Photos by Shari Harris and Christy Porter
There were many unique craft, non-profit and business vendors set up at the park, making shopping, information and awareness opportunities available. There was also a kids’ tent with a coloring contest being held and registration for the bicycle drawings. The kids could also get their photo taken with a lineman in a bucket. 
Photos by Shari Harris and Christy Porter

It was an excellent day for attending to the cooperative business, visiting and enjoying the many activities, which were made available.
Photo by Christy Porter
Each year the American Flag is proudly displayed, held high by IECA service trucks.


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