City Board passes tax rate, disorderly conduct ordinance

By Shari Harris


The City of Licking Board of Aldermen met on Tuesday, August 13 and held the public hearing to set the tax rate for fiscal year 2020. There was minimal change in the tax rate, and Ordinance No. 628 was passed unanimously, setting the General Revenue Fund rate at .4213 cents per $100.00 of assessed valuation. No citizen comments were made regarding the proposed property tax rates prior to the vote.
Three other ordinances were passed unanimously that evening. Ordinance 626 and 627 are similar to the State of Missouri offenses involving seat belt non-use and applying vision-reducing material to windshields or windows. Making these city offenses allows the city instead of the State to prosecute these charges.
Ordinance 625 makes Disorderly Conduct a city offense. In part, the ordinance reads: “A person shall be guilty of disorderly conduct if, with the purpose of causing public danger, alarm, disorder, nuisance, or if his or her conduct is likely to cause public danger, alarm, disorder or nuisance, he or she willfully does any of the following acts in a public place:
“1. Commits an act in a violent and tumultuous manner toward another whereby that other is placed in danger of his or her life, limb or health;
“2. Commits an act in a violent and tumultuous manner toward another whereby the property of any person is placed in danger of being destroyed or damaged;
“3. Causes, provokes or engages in any fight, brawl or riotous conduct so as to endanger the life, limb, health, or property of another;
“4. Interferes with another’s pursuit of a lawful occupation by acts of violence;
“5. Obstructs, either singly or together with other persons, the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic and refuses to clear such public way when ordered to do so by the City Police or other lawful authority known to be such;
“6. Resists or obstructs the performance of duties by City Police or any other authorized official of the City, when known to be such an official;
“7. Incites, attempts to incite, or is involved in attempting to incite a riot;
“8. Addresses abusive language, obscene gestures, or threats to any member of the City Police Department, any other authorized official of the City who is engaged in the lawful performance of his or her duties or any other person when such words have a direct tendency to cause acts of violence. Words merely causing displeasure, annoyance or resentment are not prohibited;
”9. Damages, befouls, or disturbs public property or the property of another so as to create a hazardous, unhealthy, or physically offensive condition;
“10. Makes or causes to be made any loud, boisterous and unreasonable noise or disturbance to the annoyance of any other persons nearby, or near to any public highway, road, street, lane, alley, park, square, or common, whereby the public peace is broken or disturbed, or the traveling public annoyed;
“11. Fails to obey a lawful order to disperse by a Police Officer, when known to be such an official, where one (1) or more persons are committing acts of disorderly conduct in the immediate vicinity and the public health and safety is imminently threatened;
“12. No person shall discharge a paint gun, throw any stone, brickbat, ball or missile or use a slingshot or other device to cause an object to be thrown, shot or slung toward another person(s) or property within the City without the prior consent of said person; nor shall any person use any of the above devices to cause any object to be thrown toward or propelled toward a moving vehicle within the City limits.
“13. No person shall lay or cause to be laid or deposited upon any roadway any object which may damage a motor vehicle, in any way impair the driver’s vision or startle the vehicle’s operator.”
A full copy of this ordinance, including exemptions, definitions, violation, and more, may be obtained at the Licking City Hall.



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