Kid’s Trout Tournament at Montauk

Photo by Elijah Hamilton
Montauk State Park winners pictured above: Bennett Winschel, Parker Steinkuehler, Colby Lorance and Ali Chotrow

 By Elijah Hamilton
Staff Reporter
Last Saturday Montauk State Park held the annual Youth Fishing tournament there were two categories Heavy Stringers and heavy fish in two age groups one from the ages of 11 and under and the other from the age of 12 to 15. They were giving out 25-dollar gift certificate to the winners. A random drawing picked the winners. So even if you didn’t catch a lot of fish or the biggest fish, you still had a chance to win. Not just Montauk were giving out awards, the Parker Family also joined in on the fun. The Parkers were giving out trophies. Winners also got their names put on the Ray Parker Plaque that hangs in the lodge in memory of Ray Parker, who loved to fish at Montauk. The Parker family has been doing this for the past 25 years.
The winner of the 11 and under heavy fish was Bennett Winschel, from Perryville, Mo. and the winner of the heavy stringers was Parker Steinkuehler, who was all the way from Godfrey, Il.
The winner of the 12 to 15 heavy fish was Colby Lorance, from Bloomsdale, Il. and the winner for the heavy stringers was Ali Chotrow, from Festus, Mo.
Photos by Elijah Hamilton
Parker family prize winners pictured above: Kaydin Sharrock, Lincoln Roethemeyer, Logan Walls and Colby Lorance
The Parker family winner in the 11 and under age group for heavy fish was Kaydin Sharrock, and for heavy stringers was Lincoln Roethemeyer.
The Parker family winner in the 12 to 15 age group for heavy fish was Logan Walls and for heavy stringers is Colby Lorance
There was a Grand prize of forty dollars cash donated by Tad Hedrick at Central Missouri Outdoors.
Photo By Elijah Hamilton
Fishermen of all ages enjoy Montauk State Park



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