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Licking Elementary Open House

Photo by Shari Harris
James Ray, Jeffrey Collins, and Alvin Wright, from left in front, were very excited about the cookies, but had mixed feelings about returning to school. Brooke Collins peeks over James as their mother, Nita Martin, tries to corral them out the door after Open House.

By Shari Harris


Monday evening, the parking lots were full as children and parents filled the hallways at Licking Elementary School. Casidy Huff and Michelle King answered questions in the front office as a steady stream of parents came through their door. Mr. Cooper greeted students and parents, answered their questions and guided them to their destinations. Teachers waited in their classrooms to meet families, and answer questions while parents filled out forms and children checked out their rooms.

Photo by Shari Harris
Bus drivers met with parents and students to ensure everyone knows where and when to catch their bus.

In the cafeteria, the bus drivers had two tables and were available to answer questions about pickup times and places. The Girl Scouts and the Cub Scouts were also handing out information, and the Booster Club was recruiting members and selling t-shirts to build that Wildcat spirit. 

Photo by Shari Harris
A cookie lover’s favorite ladies, from left: Sandy Maddox, Linda Jones, Natasha Reed and Tina Williams made cookies to welcome the students to Open House.

Before leaving, the students had a special treat. Sandy Maddox shuttled children into the cafeteria line, and the cafeteria ladies were on hand with some delicious cookies to ease the transition back to school.
With all of the special teachers, administrators, cafeteria staff, custodial staff, bus drivers, paraprofessionals and others at Licking Schools, the 2019-2020 school year looks like it will be a good one.
Photo by Shari Harris
Mr. Cooper is flanked by his very capable office staff, Casidy Huff, left and Michelle King, right.


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