New faces at Licking School District

Photo submitted by Allison Lewis
Licking School District’s new staff for the 2019-2020 school year will include, front row from left: Mrs. Telena Haneline, Mrs. Brandi Huff, Ms. Lauren Gifford, Mrs. Bonnie Beasley, Mrs. Delanie Rinne, Mrs. Kaylon Buckner, Mrs. Teresa Skidmore, Mrs. Michelle Jackson, and Officer Jordan Goodwin. Back row from left: Mr. Jamie Roberts, Mr. Danny Hurt, Mr. Benn Sullins, Mr. Michael Clonts, Mr. Jason Qualls, Mr. Jess Ross, and Mr. Mark Eyman.

By Shari Harris


A new school year is arriving, and arriving with it are new faces at Licking Schools. In addition to new students, either beginning school for the first time, or changing schools, there are sixteen new staff joining the district and one staff returning to start the school year after coming in mid-year last year.
Bonnie Beasley is returning as an aide in the preschool classroom after beginning last school year. Supt. Cristina Wright expressed how pleased the district is with Mrs. Beasley’s return.
A new face and a new position go together this year, with Jordan Goodwin filling the new role as School Resource Officer. The new challenges with safety, cyber bullying, drugs and other issues have increased the need for this position in all schools. The school district and the City of Licking have joined forces to make it possible to add the SRO. Officer Goodwin has seven years experience in law enforcement and twelve years military experience, serving in the U.S. Army.
Mrs. Telena Haneline is starting her 22nd year of teaching, and will be teaching first grade. Haneline is from Licking, so this will be a job close to home.
Mrs. Brandi Huff is returning to her alma mater after teaching four years in Rolla. She will be teaching third grade.
Mrs. Kaylon Buckner is also returning after three years in Houston, and she will be teaching fifth and sixth grade math and science.
The new K-7 art instructor will be Mrs. Delanie Rinne, who taught special education classes in Springfield for three years and has been a valued substitute teacher at Licking Schools.
New coaches include Mr. Jason Qualls, who will be teaching special education as well as coaching junior varsity boys’ basketball. Qualls has taught 16 years in Oregon County, 12 in Alton and 4 in Couch.
Mr. Jess Ross will be the new varsity boys’ basketball and P.E. coach. His last six years, he has been coaching at Springdale, Ark.
Mr. Jamie Roberts retired from full-time coaching/athletic director at Laquey, and will be coaching girls’ softball this year.
Mr. Benn Sullins is another Licking alumni returning this year. He will teach his first year at his alma mater, in JH/HS science.
Ms. Lauren Gifford is also returning to her alma mater. She will be the new band instructor.
The new Behavior Interventionist will be Mrs. Teresa Skidmore, who many students may know from her substitute teaching for the district. She will be helping to ensure K-6 children with behavioral issues have their needs met.
Another retiree returning to work will be Mr. Mark Eyman, who retired as a school bus driver in Illinois and now will be a custodian and bus driver for Licking.
Two new part-time evening custodians are joining the district. Supt. Wright reported Mr. Danny Hurt is excited to start at the school. Mrs. Michelle Jackson (who is joining her sister, Candy Melton) will be the other new custodian.
Last but not least is Mr. Michael Clonts, who will be joining the district, as an aide helping special needs students.
Welcome to all the new faces, and may your first school year at Licking be a success for you and for all of the students, whether this be their first year or their final year.



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