Soaking up the Son

Photo submitted by Elishah Nickels
Children enjoyed “Soaking up the Son” at Licking Church of Christ’s VBS this summer.

 Submitted by Elishah Nickels

The Licking Church of Christ enjoyed a wonderful week of Vacation Bible School, "Soaking up the Son." We had a great turnout and a fun time instilling ways that we should live as Christians. Things like "How to build your life on Christ," "Letting your light shine," "Diving Deep into God’s Word," how "Jesus is our Life Preserver" and the tricky one "Avoiding the Jaws of Sin."
Lots of fun was had and memories were made through this week, and it didn't stop there. We did a Live Savers Program to donate specific items to the Back Pack Program through the Licking School District. We had a goal of 300 items, in which the kids far exceeded by bringing in nearly 500.
Along with the Life Savers Program, we ran two other incentives for the kids throughout the week, Bring a Friend and Perfect Attendance. Many kids’ names were in these drawings; they all worked hard at getting friends to join us. The winners this year were Adalee Hart and Lilly Reed.
We want to say thank you to all the parents that trusted us with their kids. We enjoyed each and every one of them and look forward to next year.
Photo submitted by Elishah Nickels
Adalee Hart and Lilly Reed won the Incentive Awards for the Bring a Friend and Perfect Attendance competitions.



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