Boondocks Family Video

Photo by Scott Hamilton
Dana Adams showing off the new releases section of Boondocks, where they pride themselves on making the latest movies available to the residents of Licking.
By Scott Hamilton

Boondocks has been the prime place to go for entertainment in Licking for the past 16 years. In June, Dana Adams took over operation of the store, and in the months since, she has put her own touches on the store. One of her main goals in business is to save Licking residents a trip to Houston, Salem or Rolla for movies and entertainment.
Jerimiah Owens opened Boondocks in 2003 as a video rental store back in the days of VHS tapes. He relocated the store to the current location in 2005. Boondocks was operated by Owens until July of 2016, when Brandon Smith took over.
During the first thirteen years of the business many things changed. Video game rentals were added, VHS tapes were replaced by DVDs, and comic books were brought into the mix of items available in the store.
On June 6, Dana Adams took over operation of the store. The Adams family moved to the area 17-years ago from the state of California and they have made Licking their home. They are deeply involved in the community, from politics to sports teams and church events. 
Adams brought about several changes to Boondocks, converting it to a more family friendly environment. Whereas Smith had a focus on thrillers and action films, Adams has made a shift to family films. The thriller and action films are still available, however they are not the focal point of the store.
Boondocks now offers over 300 new movie titles and a movie finding service. If there is a movie you want to see and they do not have it, they will locate a copy for you to rent or buy. They also offer every movie in the store for sale. If you are a movie collector, Boondocks is the place to complete your collection. Adams also adjusted pricing of the rentals so you can rent either DVD or BluRay for the same price.
Another change Adams has made to Boondocks is the addition of Christian, Catholic and seasonal jewelry sales. They soon will be adding popcorn and other snack foods and drinks to their selection, making them your one-stop shop for entertainment in Licking.



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