Missouri 4H State Shoots

Photo by Jenn Strohschein

Junior Strohschein competed at the Missouri State 4-H Archery Shoot on August 24. In his first Archery competition, Strohschein scored 216 out of a total possible score of 300. Strohschein was president last year and is vice president this year of the Licking 4-H group.

Three of the four State 4-H Shooting Sports have been held for 2019. The Archery 300 contest took place in Columbia August 24 and 25, the Trap Shoot was held August 24 in Linn Creek, and the Skeet Shoot took place August 17 in Bridgeton. Sporting Clays will compete on September 22 at River Hills Sporting Clays in Boonville. All other events will be held September 21 and 22 at Prairie Grove Shotgun Sports in Columbia.
The Texas County 4-H group was well represented in the contests. Individual and team accomplishments are listed by event below.
Photo by Jenn Strohschein
2019 Intermediate Archery Results:
2019 Intermediate Compound Release Scores
Ashlynn Burns-288-10th
Dae Barker-263
Dawson Havens Green-252
Brody Adkison-230
The Texas County 4-H team placed sixth with a total score of 803. Dent County 4-H member Grace Brand placed first in this category with a score of 298.
2019 Senior Archery Results:
2019 Senior Compound Release Scores
Wayne Stroschein-216
2019 Trap Intermediate Scores:
2019 Intermediate Single Shotgun Scores
Connor Tuttle-45
Evan Gifford-43
Levi Garrett-42
Benjamin Steelman-39
Jaston Black-37
First place was a score of 50. Teams finishing first and second were Lincoln and Texas Counties, both with a score of 206.
2019 Intermediate Double Shotgun Scores
Levi Garrett-35
Connor Tuttle-35
Evan Gifford-31
Benjamin Steelman-31
Jaston Black-29
First place scored a 45. The Texas County 4-H team finished first with a score of 161.
2019 Trap Senior Scores:
2019 Senior Trap Singles Results
Jacob Berry-96-6th
Case Jones-96-9th
Brighton Hutson-95
Kaitlyn Davis-88
Kayden Keller-84
Cade Richards-81
Tristan Weaver-80
The Texas County team finished first with a score of 459.
2019 Senior Double Shotgun Scores
Case Jones-88-4th
Kaitlyn Davis-82
Brighton Hutson-73
Kayden Keller-68
Tristan Weaver-67
Cade Richards-52
The Texas County team finished third with a team score of 378.
2019 Skeet Senior Scores:
2019 Skeet Senior Singles Results
Kaitlyn Davis-96-2nd
Brighton Hutson-87
Case Jones-73
The Texas County 4-H team finished third with a score of 256.
2019 Skeet Senior Doubles Results
Kaitlyn Davis-84-8th
Brighton Hutson-83
Case Jones-69
The Texas County team finished third with a score of 236.



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