Sonshine and Rainbows Dayschool begins a new year

Photo by Shari Harris
Students and staff start a great day Tuesday at Sonshine and Rainbows Dayschool after reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, giving a morning prayer, and saying their motto: “Do what’s right and do what’s best and there’s no running in Dayschool.”

By Shari Harris,

Director Dave Barnes introduced this year’s Sonshine and Rainbows Dayschool students and their parents to their teachers and other staff on Tuesday evening, Sept. 3. Among the staff introduced were Janet Mitchell, Kathy Kofahl and Janet Moore, who coordinate snack time; Secretary Linda Smith, Trisha Rogers who is in charge of crafts, Wanda Barnes who does story time, and the many teachers.
There are two classes each for the Upper Class Graduates (pre-K) and the Middle Class (for children a year younger), each with six to seven students. The youngest class, Beginners, is for those students who are three years from kindergarten. Only seven children are enrolled, so only one classroom is required. Shelly Ogden and Ray Door are the instructors for Upper Class One, Ann Hagler and McKenzie Simon teach Upper Class Two, Dot Pursifull and Brad Brunkhorst lead Middle Class One, Cassia Brown and Judy Shelton are the teachers for Middle Class Two, and the Beginner’s Class instructors are Belinda Poole and Betty Quick.
Barnes outlined the goals of the dayschool, teaching children to pay attention, to stay seated and to listen, as well as the academic basics. He commented on the progress which is so evident in the students through the school year, and which helps prepare them for kindergarten. Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and began August 5.

Director Barnes brings his animated teaching skills into his interactions with the students at the dayschool, and the caring and fun presentation of learning by all of the teachers make learning a joy for the students. The children know they are having a good time, and parents know the structure and teaching are preparing their children for a successful start to their school careers. It’s a win-win situation for all involved as we watch the classes of 2033-2035 begin their journey.



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