Wildcat Travel Club Color Run

Photo by Shari Harris
Runners pass through a cloud of blue powder at the first color station.

Photo by Shari Harris
Austin James finished 
the route first, 
and received his fair share
 of color on the course.
Photo by Shari Harris
Despite inhaling a 
significant amount of 
red powder, 
Finley Sullins finished 
second overall.

Photo by Shari Harris
Kannon Buckner completed 
the course in third place 
and had his share of color, as well.
By Shari Harris

Labor Day was a morning of giving for 38 runners and walkers at the Wildcat Travel Club Color Run, as they participated in the event to raise money for the club. The weather was perfect for the runners, sunny and not too hot.
Passersby may have noticed them running a loop through the town. At the beginning, they could have passed for any other jogger, but as they progressed through several color stations, the runners became more noticeable. Red, blue and orange powder adhered to the sweat from their exertion, and the accumulation of colors made them hard to miss.
The first runner finishing was Austin James, who ran the course in about 25 minutes. Finley Sullins was the first female finisher and the second runner to complete the course, in about 33 minutes. Kannon Buckner finished third, just behind Sullins.



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