Licking 4-H Awards Ceremony

Photo by Shari Harris
Award and certificate winners at the 4-H meeting Thursday night included, front row from left: Aaron Pereslete, Nathaniel Pereslete, Joel Sutton, Hunter Sutton, Oliver Pereslete, Rebekah Sutton and Rachel Hagler; second row from left: Serena Hagler, Benjamin Sutton, Caleb Sutton, Daniel Sutton, Adam Hagler, Heidi Pereslete, Clara Pereslete, Vera Pereslete, Lilly Hines and Sarha Pereslete; and back row from left: Sarah Sutton, Flo Crisp, Joshua Sutton, Junior Strohschein, Sami Hall, Jennifer Strohschein and Tiffany Hines.
By Shari Harris

Along with their leaders and parents, 4-H members gathered at the elementary school cafeteria Thursday for their local award ceremony and monthly meeting. It was a very busy and productive year for Licking 4-H, with many community service events, learning activities and livestock entries at the fair.
In addition to receiving their awards, members were treated to sub sandwiches, vegetables, chips and more, including some delicious chocolate desserts. The 4-H used their funds to purchase the meal, with the assistance of donations by Town & Country Supermarket and Walmart.
Awards were given for livestock production including poultry, goats, swine, and rabbits; gardening; cooking; robotics; outdoors (fishing); health and fitness; financial literacy; photography; arts and crafts; and community service. Pins were given for one, two and three years of membership. Clover pins were given to the younger members. Officer pins for the president and vice-president of the local group were provided, and three special awards were handed out – one to Adam Hagler for earning the most pins, and one each to Vera and Heidi Pereslete for the most community service.
Members were awarded pins as follows:
Adam Hagler: Poultry, goats, gardening, robotics, outdoors, one-year, community service, rabbits and arts and crafts.
Lilly Hines: Poultry, goats, two-year and community service.
Cassandra Hines (not present): Poultry, goats, community service and rabbits.
Vera Pereslete: Robotics, one-year, community service, cooking, swine, rabbits and arts and crafts.
Clara Pereslete: Robotics, outdoors, community service, cooking, rabbits and Clover pin.
Heidi Pereslete: Robotics, outdoors, one-year, community service, cooking, swine and rabbits.
Rachel Hagler: Robotics, outdoors, community service, rabbits, Clover pin and arts and crafts.
Junior Strohschein: Robotics, health and fitness, financial literacy, photography, vice-president pin, community service, and three-year.
Sami Hall: Outdoors, president, community service, cooking, and three-year.
Benjamin Sutton: Outdoors, one-year and community service.
Hunter Sutton: Outdoors, community service and Clover.
Joel Sutton: Outdoors, community service and Clover.
Daniel Sutton: Outdoors, one-year and community service.
Joshua Sutton: Outdoors, two-year and community service.
Joshiah Sutton (not present): Outdoors, two-year and community service.
Evie Sutton (not present): Outdoors, community service and three-year pin.
Caleb Sutton: Outdoors, one-year and community service.
Rebekah Sutton: Outdoors, community service and Clover.
Aaron Pereslete: Attendance at robotics, outdoors and community service.
Nathaniel Pereslete: Attendance at robotics, outdoors, community service and cooking.
Five Friend of 4-H Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to those who have helped the members meet their goals: Marie Lasater (not present), Sarha Pereslete, Jennifer Strohschein, Serena Hagler and Suzie Blackburn (not present).

The next meeting of the Licking 4-H is scheduled for Nov. 14 at 6 p.m.



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