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Licking Area Home School Co-op teaches Life Skills

Photo by Nate Horton
The LAHSC teens were pleased to have Kenny Edgar of Rinne's Tire Pros (pictured center) teach them the basics of car maintenance at their October meeting. Teens are, from left: Nate Horton, Damian Parrish, Ben Shrock, Cy Robertson, Brianna Malikowski, and Shannity Robertson.
By Nate Horton
LAHSC Teen Class

  The Licking Area Home School Co-op (LAHSC) held its second monthly session last Friday, Oct. 4, at Rock Springs Baptist Church. The teen class participated in car maintenance as their Life Skill for this session. The mechanic, Kenny Edgar, from Rinne’s Tire, kindly joined the teens to educate them in the ways of checking their cars’ basic fluids and tire pressure. Also included in the lesson was how to measure the tread on a tire with a penny and how to change a tire if something ever happened on the road. He discussed with them how to choose the right mechanic, the basics of car inspections, the difference between summer and winter maintenance, and the importance of washing your car. The teens then dispersed into teams for a hands-on quiz on all they had learned. I am glad to say the author’s team won.

Photo by Nate Horton
Kenny Edgar points out the radiator as he explains 
basic fluid checks to Cy Robertson and Damian Parrish.


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