Monday night storm damage in Licking

                                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Shari Harris
                                          Photo by Christy Porter
  Monday morning’s predawn storm sent people scurrying to their storm shelters. In the photo above, Intercounty workers are in the background near remnants of a barn. The storm strewed pieces of the building in a northeast direction toward, onto and on the other side of Shafer Road. Just south of this site, the roof of another barn lies scattered across a field north and northeast of it. Trees were damaged along Shafer Road northwest of Licking and west of Licking along Highway 32. Crews had to clear a tree from Highway 32 near Van Cleve Road and trees along with debris from Shafer Road.
  Within the city limits, Sonic sustained damage to their sign when it was ripped from the framing during the high wind (pictured at right).

Photos by Shari Harris and Christy Porter



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