See You at the Pole

Photo by Shari Harris
Dr. Dan Hatch addressed the students and adults who gathered in the courtyard of Licking High School Wednesday for the See You at the Pole event.

By Shari Harris

On Wednesday, Sept. 25, at schools around the country, students and adults gathered around the flagpole to pray. Wednesday was the middle of the Global Week of Student Prayer (Sept. 22-28). Students were challenged throughout the week to find new, unique ways, places and times to pray. Students at Licking High School planned their own gathering.
Licking students who wished to participate, and several of the adults who support them, filled the courtyard at Licking High School at 7:45 a.m. The spattering of rain didn’t deter those present, as guest speaker Dr. Dan Hatch spoke from the steps of the high school where he has taught for 43 years.
Dr. Hatch spoke of issues that face students today. He spoke of the need for prayer related to the gun violence that plagues our nation. He emphasized that the change has “got to start with us, our family, our relationship with God.” One important component is love, to “love God,” to “love your neighbor.”
Dr. Hatch stressed sensitivity, to “think about how others feel.” He addressed how “people seek out an opportunity to belong to something.” High school can be a place where many cliques and groups form. He challenged the students to “provide someone an opportunity to belong to something positive,” and to avoid rejecting others and turning them “to something negative.”
He encouraged the students to join with other students in prayer meetings, and to use the prayer lockers. “Teamwork” is a key. Another key mentioned is to “pray without ceasing.”
At the end of Dr. Hatch’s presentation, Mr. Krewson directed the adults to form a circle around the students, who gathered on the grass around the flagpole. All held hands and prayed, individually and as a group, most silently, some aloud. The same actions were carried out across our country. The multitude of prayers going up must have been awesome.
May the students of Licking School and all of our area schools always be willing to hold hands with their neighbor and be sensitive to the needs of others, and may they always have the support of the adults in the community.



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