Five Lady Wildcats earn All District honors

                                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Shari Harris
Five of the District-winning Lady Wildcats were named to the All-District team. Pictured here after a tough win over Mtn. View are front row from left: Mgr. Cadrian Hutsell, Maggie Cline, Abby Cole, Abagail Moncrief, Ashley Creek and Maddy Cole. Back row from left: Coach Ashley Martin, Kamryn Barnes, Maci Sparks, Abigale Sullins, Kaida Cook, Kylie Taylor, Winter Murray, Kasey Richards, Mgr. Anjeni Morrell and Asst. Coach Kaitlyn Baker.
By Shari Harris

The 2019 Class 2, District 9 All District team has been announced by the coaches and Licking players fared well, with four players earning first team honors and one earning second team. The rosters are as follows:
First Team:
1. Kam Barnes – Licking;
2. Katlynn Ellison-Cabool;
3. Peyton Bush-Mtn. View-Liberty;
4. Abby Cole-Licking;
5. Abigail Moncrief-Licking;
6. Kylie Taylor-Licking;
7. Kelstin Roy-Mtn. View-Liberty.
Second Team:
1. Grace Shockley-Cabool;
2. Josie Atkins- Cabool;
3. Maddy Cole-Licking;
4. Lexi Shumpert-Mtn. View-Liberty;
5. Katie Myers-Conway;
6. Hailey Shannon-Cabool;
7. Olivia Scheets-Cabool.



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