Senior Center Open House

                                                                                                                                      Photo by Shari Harris
The silent auction items surrounded the room and bidders checked their bids before the bidding sheets were pulled.
By Shari Harris

Neighbors and friends gathered together at the Licking Senior Center to celebrate their third anniversary with an Open House on Friday, Nov. 15. Punch and cake were served and a silent auction and quilt raffle wrapped up that day, as well.
Director Cynthia Wampner gave the volunteers at the Senior Center the credit for making it such a success. She pointed out that Lillian Maxey is a volunteer who may not be appreciated for all that she does, because she does a lot of work from home. The volunteers gave Wampner credit for making the center possible. She was described as “the shaker and mover that started it.”
Wampner announced that Amanda Knoll will be an interim board member until the next election, taking the vacant seat created by the passing of Frank Steward. She also announced that Connie Kell has become an interim board member as well, taking the position created by John Nabity’s passing. Elections are held every two years, with the next election scheduled for July 2020.
Photo by Shari Harris
Reggia Ward, Cynthia Wampner and 
Marilyn Cantrell wrap up the 
silent auction at the Open House.
                                       Photo by Shari Harris
This horse figurine brought some 
high bids in the silent auction.

A beautiful Shuffle the Deck quilt, made by Ann Liebert, was raffled and Judy Guthrie won. After the silent auction closed, Marilyn Cantrell read the winners of each item. The highest item in the auction was the Lottery Ticket Bouquet, which went for $200. Another item, which bidders competed for, was a very detailed horse figurine, with a $125 winning bid.
                                                               Photo by Shari Harris
Prunella Tittletop was a surprise visitor 
at the Open House, 
as were Hermonie Gingo and Baby Dumpling. 
The trio must be close friends 
of Cynthia Wampner, 
as they all dressed in outfits that matched hers.

Margaret Heithold introduced Wampner’s friends to this reporter, special guests Prunella Tittletop, Hermonie Gingo and Baby Dumpling. These visitors brought laughter, odd looks and an occasional fright. The standing room only crowd was evidence of the good times at the Senior Center Open House.



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