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Christmas Program Past…

From the archives Friday, Dec. 15:
   Eighth Grade: Our Christmas program will be Friday 22nd.
   Seventh Grade: We have been studying Dickens “Christmas Carol”. We will make a play of the story. In art we made a Santa Claus that will jump.
   Sixth Grade: Betty Ruth Barnes brought our Christmas tree. We want to thank Dean Barnes for helping us with it.
   Fourth Grade: In art we have made Christmas bells and some pretty Christmas cards. We are going to decorate our tree tomorrow.
   Third Grade: We have our Christmas Tree up and have it decorated. We are trying to very good boys and girls since Christmas is so near. Richard Pummel and Deloris have made Santa’s castle, his sleigh and reindeer. We drew the toys we wanted for Christmas and arranged them on a tiny tree made of paper. We hope you will come to our Christmas Assembly Program Friday December 22nd.
   Second Grade: We are eagerly looking forward to seeing Santa Claus. We have been finding out why we celebrate Christmas and what the other countries do to celebrate on this day. We made stockings from construction paper. We are trying to see if we can get our stockings full of one hundreds before Christmas. Lois Anne has her stocking almost full. We are drawing and coloring a large picture of Mary and Jesus. Our Rhythm Band will be Bunny Rabbits in the grade Operetta next Friday Morning.
   First Grade: We have our Christmas tree. Norma Ruth Patterson, Jackie Mitchell, Virginia Snow, James Robert Leonard and Jessie Karnes decorated the tree. The first grade will present “The Shoemakers Frolic” as their contributions to the Grade Christmas Program which will be given on Friday morning before Christmas from 10 to 11.
   Robert Fagan will take part in a High School Play to be given Friday afternoon before Christmas.


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