JH Ladies pick up final win 2019

Coach Jennifer Smith

After a long week of ice covered roads and only one practice, the 8th Grade Lady Wildcats hosted the Willow Springs Lady Bears for their final game of the season. During the first two minutes of the ballgame, the ladies definitely showed signs of rustiness on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor. After scoring on a free throw and two fast break attempts due to aggressive defense by Riley Moloney, Finley Sullins, ad Makenna Skidmore, the ‘Cats seemed to be in business on the offensive end. Riley Barton caused several turnovers by the Bears, keeping possession in the hands of the Lady ‘Cats.  Hannah Medlock was consistent pulling down rebounds and pushing the ball up the floor for fast break attempts. Medlock pushed the ball up the floor to Jamie Fike, who then connected with Finley Sullins for two. Medlock came right back with a three-point basket to put the ‘Cats up 12-2 at the end of the first quarter.
In the second quarter, the Lady Bears kept pressure on the Wildcats, creating fast breaks for themselves and closing the gap, 16-10, at half-time.
To start the third quarter, the Wildcats picked up a quick three-pointer by Skidmore, and a lay-up by Moloney to take an 11-point lead. The Bears once again gained some momentum and closed that lead, keeping the score to just a six point deficit.
The fourth quarter brought about slow offense, but defense staying strong caused turnovers by the Bears, keeping the lead and bringing the Lady ‘Cats the win for their final game, 29-21.



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