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Kettle Kindness

I'm writing this anonymously as a volunteer who had the pleasure of contributing a couple of hours to a cause way bigger than just my part. I deserve no thanks. I've already received my thanks from the friendly folks I met while manning the Salvation Army Red Kettle at the Town and Country Supermarket.
The weather my day was mild with sunshine against the windows warming up the store's lobby. In general, people were friendly and generous. Several thanked me for taking my turn with the Kettle. I briefly visited with a number of friends I hadn't seen in years and heard a couple of interesting stories.
One man reminisced about the time in 1947 when his family moved to a northern state and barely had the necessities to exist on. Salvation Army provided their Christmas gifts that year.
Another lady stopped to tell a family story involving other well-known humanitarian agencies that charged for their services. She was very complimentary of the Salvation Army because they help where needed, free of charge.
An amusing story was told by a lady who drove from Licking to Springfield, while accidentally totting a kitten under the car's hood. Upon hearing the meows and checking it out in the parking lot of a store, she found the frightened little fellow but couldn't reach him. Several helpful strangers including two Salvation Army bell ringers finally captured the kitten. I'm happy to add the kitten is now safe in a good home in Licking.
That same lady loaned me a book about William and Catherine Booth, founders of the Salvation Army. I know so little about this organization other than the Red Kettles so I'll enjoy reading this over the winter.
I'd like to conclude with a shout-out to Paul Meier and Dave and Linda Roberts for the work they do locally managing our Salvation Army drive and an encouraging word to all our Red Kettle volunteers.


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