Licking’s Christmases Past…

                                                                                                                                   The Licking News Archives, 12-24-1909
In keeping with this year’s Christmas parade theme, we’d like to share the last 110 years, in ten year increments, of Licking’s Christmas’ past from The Licking News archives. Our wish is that you enjoy reminiscing while reviewing the past and perhaps find personal memories as well. The earlier years will be shared with story items, as photographs were rare. The later years will be shared mainly with photographs as they, too, tell the story. – Christy Porter, Managing Editor

From the archives Friday, Dec. 24:
The boys have been having fine sport skating on Uncle Chris Kofahl’s pond.
E.T. Vetaw visited Craddock School recently and found Wm. Snow, the teacher busy preparing for a big time with a Christmas tree and entertainment of the 24th. Exercises to begin at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.
Lenox Items
Cook & Kitchen have put away a fine lot of ice for the summer’s use.
There will be a dinner and an entertainment by the school at Blackoak on Xmas Day.
Santa Claus will soon be here. Hang up your stockings little folks. Christmas goods at Hazelton. Don’t say you can’t get your girl a present at Jackson Bros.
From the archives Friday, Dec. 31:
The entertainment on Xmas morning was well attended. Many presents were given off the big tree.

                                 The Licking News Archives, 12-19-1919

From the archives Friday, Dec. 19:
High School Notes
The Christmas holidays are approaching and the students are getting anxious for their vacation. Dr. Womack of Houston visited the school Tuesday morning and gave a talk on why we should buy Christmas Seals. A number of people have been very busy selling Christmas Seals this week.

The Licking News Archives, 12-20-1929

From the archives Friday, Dec. 20:
Additional locals
School will be dismissed here next week for the Christmas vacation.
Baptist Church
There will be a Christmas tree and presents at the Baptist Church Dec. 24th. The Sunday school is preparing the program and in rendering this program we hope to see the real spirit of Christmas manifested or in other words we want to exalt and praise God’s name for his unspeakable Gift.

                                                       The Licking News Archives, 12-22-1939
This Christmas Air Raid cartoon depicts the times, WWII, as well as seasonal greetings.
From the archives Friday, Dec. 22:
School Programs
The Licking School will give their Christmas programs on Friday of this week. The grade will give their operetta at 10 o’clock in the morning and the high school program will be given at 2:30 in the afternoon. Everyone is cordially invited to attend. School will be dismissed all next week for the Christmas vacation.

                                   The Licking News Archives, 12-8-1949
There was optimism for better times coming out of WWII.
From the archives Thursday 12-22-1949
Santa will revisit Licking Saturday afternoon, December 24th:
To Hand out treats and gifts in six business places
By special arrangements Old Santa will revisit Licking on Saturday afternoon, December 24, from one to five p.m., with treats for all children.
Santa will not forget the grown-ups either and while paying his visit to each of the following places, will have free gifts of useful merchandise including gasoline, oil, eats, auto and tractor accessories, laundry service and a gas range.
Santa will divide his four hours in Licking between The Travel-Inn Café, Licking Service Station, Licking Motor Co., Crow Implement Company, Masters Gas, Inc. and the Licking Laundry.
Note the ad on the back page of this issue and bring the entire family to Licking Saturday for this Gala affair.
Large Crowd Greeted Santa Here Saturday
In spite of bad weather Saturday afternoon a large crowd gathered in town to greet Santa and to receive the treat made possible through the efforts of the Chamber of Commerce.
All business places report a nice volume of business during the day and are very thankful for the cooperation shown during the special event.
Most all of the business places will be closed on Monday following Christmas Day as well as Monday, January 2. Please keep this in mind and do your shopping accordingly.
Almost every business establishment in town has bought space in this issue to extend their seasons greetings to friends and patrons. There is a personal message in each of them so take your time and read every ad in this issue and then start the New Year right by shopping where your business is appreciated.
Hazelton News
Several children of our community went to Licking Saturday, where they were greeted by Santa Claus on his annual trip, with a generous treat.
The High School Auditorium was filled to overflowing Monday night for the traditional school Christmas program, which was presented by about 140 grade and high school students. Approximately thirty Christmas carols and hymns were rendered by the various groups, which proved most entertaining to all present.
Solos by Dee Williams, Danny Hatch, Linda Ray, and Beverly Leadford were especially enjoyed.
The entertainment was free to the public and programs were offered for sale to those attending. Proceeds were very satisfactory and will be used to purchase useful and needed items for the school.
Grade schools was dismissed Tuesday due to heating problems.
Following the annual Christmas party ad visit from Santa on Wednesday, the school will be dismissed for the Holiday vacation and students will return to their studies on Monday, January 2.
Kimble News
The writer wishes to join in wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous New Year.
Maples News
Some from here took their children to see Santa Saturday at Licking.
The Licking News Archives, 12-24-1959

                                 The Licking News Archives, 12-24-1959

From the archives Thursday, Dec. 10
Christmas Plans (The Chamber of Commerce)
“…This year the candy, nut and fruit treat for the children will be given on Thursday afternoon, December 24. Each treat will contain a number which will match numbers to be drawn for Athletic gifts donated by the Rawlings Manufacturing Company and other gifts purchased with a $25.00 gift from the Rawlings employees and other money from Licking business men.
Santa will be in town on Saturday afternoon, December 12 and December 19, to talk to the children and pass out stick candy. He will also be present for passing out candy treats and the gifts to be given.
From the archives Thursday, Dec. 17
Children Give Santa Christmas Lists
Santa will be back again Saturday shortly after 1 o’clock to stay till four o’clock to talk to the children.
Santa will also be back on December 24 at 2:30 p.m. to give away candy, nut and fruit treat to children 12 and under. Each bag will contain a number to be used in the gift drawings. About $200 worth of athletic gifts and other gifts furnished by the Rawlings Manufacturing Co., the Rawlings employees and the Chamber of Commerce will be given away in the drawing.
Licking School Christmas Program Being Prepared
The Licking School Christmas programs are being prepared under the direction of the music instructor, Marilyn Anderson. On the evening of Monday, December 21st members of grades five through eight and band will open the program with three Christmas selections. Next will be a short one act operetta by House-Laukandt entitled “The Stockings Were Hung.” The story concerns the activity on the mantel over a American home on Christmas Eve. An elf, toy soldiers, rag doll, and other characters make appearances on the mantel before Santa comes to fill the stockings. The last section of the program will include numbers by the high school glee club and small vocal ensembles. Admission is free and the public is invited to attend. Performance will be at 8:00 p.m. in the auditorium.
On Tuesday afternoon at 2:30, December 22nd, the first four grades will present a program open to the public in the multipurpose room of the new elementary building. All of the children in each room will sing a variety of the season’s best loved tunes.
Pentecostal Holiness Church To Present Christmas Play
“A Dream of the Christmas Child” a five act Christmas play will be given at the Pentecostal Holiness Church Sunday night, December 20 at 8 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend.
                                      The Licking News Archives, 12-18-1969
Licking's Christmas Parade was held Saturday, Dec. 13, 1969.

                                                   The Licking News Archives, 12-18-1969

                                           The Licking News Archives, 12-27-1979
The Parade and Festivities were held on Saturday, Dec. 22, 1979.
From the archives Thursday, Dec. 13:
Christmas Cantata At First Baptist Church
The annual Christmas Cantata of the First Baptist Church Adult Choir will be this coming Sunday, December 16 in the morning worship service.
The cantata is entitled “Joy to the World” and was composed by John W. Peterson. The work takes several carols of Christmas and combines them into a piece which accurately portrays the true story of the Christ child. It involves many solos and narration as well as choral pieces.
The director for the work this year is Buddy Owens, Minister of Music and Youth. Mrs. Barbara Ford will be pianist and Mrs. Phyllis Keeney is the organist. Bro. Ed Gibson is Pastor.
The annual Children’s Christmas Program will be this coming Sunday evening at 6:30. There will be presentations by the various Sunday School departments as well as the Youth Choir and Children’s Choir. The public is invited.
            The Licking News Archives, December 1979

From the archives Thursday, Dec. 27:
Edgar Springs News
Visiting the school last Friday was Santa Claus on a fire truck just as the children were having a fire drill. The fire was soon put out in the waste basket but Santa stayed and visited for a while.
                                                         The Licking News Archives, 12-7-1989
The Licking Parade and Festivities were held on Saturday, Dec. 2, 1989.

The Licking News Archives, December 1989

From the archives Thursday, Dec. 7:
Santa Here Saturday
Santa Clause will be visiting various businesses Saturday morning from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
He will be around to talk to children and pose for pictures if parents want to bring their cameras.
Santa told this newspaper that he would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

                                                                                                                                The Licking News Archives, 12-23-1999
T.J.’s Flowers & Gifts received First Place in the Chamber of Commerce Lighting Contest on Saturday, Dec. 4, 1999.
The Licking News Archives, December 1999

                                                                   The Licking News Archives, 12-24-2009
Licking’s Old Fashioned Christmas and parade were held on Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009

The Licking News Archives, December 2009



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