Treasure Seeker

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Rustic Haven owner Jodi Hill is proud of the used book store section of the business.
By Shari Harris

For more than 13 years, Jodi Hill has sought treasures for Rustic Haven customers. Jodi and her husband, Daniel Hill, own the store in Licking, located on the south side of Highway 32, a block past Town & Country Bank.
The store is part flea market, part used bookstore, and has in stock barrels (burn barrels and storage barrels) and mattresses, box springs and rails. Jodi Hill offers a special service to her customers; if you can’t find what you’re looking for in her store, let her know and she will help you in your search. She likes the challenge and has found DVD’s, books, games, tools and furniture for people. Jodi explained, “It’s the thrill of the hunt, to see if I can find what someone is looking for.”
Highlights of her stock, in addition to the aforementioned, include Treasure Hunt Hot Wheels, cloth grain sacks, Pyrex and Fire-King kitchenware, cookie jars, John Deere and Campbell soup collectibles, a group of windup toys, homemade candles, local history books, DVD’s/VCR tapes, PS2/PS3/X-Box/X-Box 360 games, Levi’s jeans, shoes, furniture, tools and more.
By January, the Hills plan to have half of their current furniture room converted into a book room, with custom bookshelves for paperback and hardback books and a table and chairs to allow customers to enjoy their search through the many selections. Many books by long time favorites such as Louis L’Amour and Stephen King are available, as well as those by current authors in multiple genres. The long evenings of winter offer an opportune time for reading and the titles you are seeking may well be among the many shelves at this booklover’s paradise and if not, Jodi may be able to find them for you.
The Hills opened Rustic Haven in 2004 and rented the building for about a year. They temporarily closed, but had the opportunity to purchase the structure and the trailer court behind it in the fall of 2005. They closed the trailer court and added on to the building after the last trailer was moved, reopening in the larger space in June 2006. Originally Rustic Haven had 20-25 vendors renting space, as well as taking on consignment sales. Over the years, as the Hills’ stock has increased, the number of vendors and consignment has decreased. Jodi Hill estimates at least 80 percent of the merchandise is now Rustic Haven’s own stock.

Jodi’s favorite part of the business is to “go out and hunt for good buys.” She finds treasures at yard sales, auctions, storage units and some individuals bring special finds to her. If you want to go on your own treasure hunt, the Rustic Haven is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Their street address is 208 E. Hwy. 32, Licking. You can reach Jodi at 573-674-1382.



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