A pharmacy with a bonus

                                                                                                                                                              Photo by Shari Harris
Friendly faces you may see at Rinne Pharmacy include, front row from left: Lainy Hadix, Bobbi Porter and Nicolle Rinne; and back row from left: Amy Richards, Camryn Clayton, Dana Jones, Jeremy Rinne and Melissa Mitchell. Not pictured is Janice Becker.
By Shari Harris

Five years ago, Rinne Pharmacy opened its doors to serve the community of Licking. In the half-decade since, the business has expanded to include Heroes Coffee and Rx Boutique. The pharmacy initially offered an alternative in Licking to Mercy Pharmacy, now it serves more than 4000 customers in and around Licking and is the only pharmacy in town.
Jeremy and Nicolle Rinne own and operate the business with the help of seven employees. Jeremy is the full-time pharmacist, but he has been helped by Janice Becker, a part-time pharmacist who has been on staff for one year. Bobbie Porter has worked for Rinne Pharmacy for four years and Melissa Mitchell and Camryn Clayton for two years each. Lainy Hadix is a newer employee with only one year tenure. Amy Richards and Dana Jones came to Rinne Pharmacy when Mercy Pharmacy closed in October.
The decision by Mercy Pharmacy to pull out of the Licking area has impacted Rinne Pharmacy. Not only did the increased workload result in the hiring of two of the Mercy Pharmacy staff, the daily demands on the pharmacist have increased. Changes have been made internally to adapt to the changes in staff and volume and they continue to work on “figuring out a new flow,” according to Jeremy Rinne.
The presence of a full-service pharmacy in Licking is a plus for everyone. Those who are unable to drive out-of-town for medications or are unable to order them online especially benefit. The pharmacy has a drive-thru window as well, making it more convenient for those who may have difficulty walking. Rinne Pharmacy also sponsors a monthly article in The Licking News, written by Jeremy, to provide health awareness to the community on a variety of topics.
Nicolle helped Jeremy achieve his dream, then decided she wanted to utilize her own entrepreneurial skills. She opened Heroes Coffee inside the pharmacy. The full service coffee shop offers flavored coffees, cappuccinos, frappes, lattes and smoothies. The coffee beans for their drinks are roasted in Bentonville, Ark., then shipped to Licking to ensure a fresh cup every time. If you would like a snack with your drink, they also offer scones in a variety of flavors.
Another good fit for the pharmacy was the addition of the Rx Boutique. With good prices and selection, the boutique tries to appeal to all ages and sizes. Nicolle will order other sizes when available if not in stock. She offers random sales, so check in often to see if items are in stock or their prices have changed.
Jeremy Rinne is no novice when it comes to running a pharmacy. After graduating from LHS in 1995, he attended St. Louis College of Pharmacy for six years for his Doctor of Pharmacy degree. He has worked for 20 years as a pharmacist, including several years as Director of Pharmacy at Burrell Behavioral Health in Springfield. He had dreamed of coming back to his hometown to open a pharmacy and to his surprise, he found local collaborators who shared his dream. Everything fell into place for him to return to Licking.
Jeremy and Nicolle have three children: two sons, Carter and Keyton and a daughter, Mya. In addition to providing the needed service of a full time pharmacy in Licking, Jeremy has also participated in coaching basketball, baseball and softball in the community over the past few years.
Jeremy Rinne said, “Small business is the backbone of small towns.” When you see your pharmacist or pharmacy assistants at community events, perhaps living next door, at fundraisers and giving back to the community, it brings home the fact that your dollars remain in your community. Jeremy also is proud of his staff for providing fast and friendly service to their growing customer base.
Jeremy and Nicolle plan to show their appreciation to customers later this year with a Customer Appreciation Event, so watch for this. When asked if there are further changes in the works, Jeremy says though there is nothing in particular planned, “I’m always open to what God has planned for me.”
If you are interested in seeing what Rinne Pharmacy, the Rx Boutique and Heroes Coffee have to offer, you can find them at 100 Deer Lick Street in Licking, or call 573-674-2995. They are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. You can also order refills after hours by leaving a message on their answering machine or using their app, which you can download at rinnepharmacy.com.



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