High Country

                                                                                                                                 Photo by Shari Harris
It’s all in the family at High Country Timber and Stone. 
Seated are Kirk and Tammy Barnes. Miranda and Stephen O’Daniel, are to their left 
with Kender, their son and construction-worker-in-training. 
Standing in the back are Kaleigh Nash (Tammy’s daughter) and 
Andy O’Daniel, Stephen’s twin brother.
By Shari Harris

When you arrive at High Country Timber and Stone, you may not be prepared for everything they have to offer. You will find home furnishings, cultured stone, kiln-dried logs, replicas of hand hewed logs, log homes and cabins, landscaping items, hunting blinds and products and construction services including excavation and building of custom homes and more.
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This home is an example of some of the stonework and 
construction that High Country is proud to provide.
If you are needing a custom home, High Country is a one-stop provider and can take a project from start to finish. Kirk Barnes and his crew provide excavating services to prepare your building site and can build a log home, a log cabin or a custom home to order. They also provide masonry services and can construct fireplaces and rock walls using their cultured stone. In addition to finishing the home, they can complete the entire project by building roads, ponds or lakes, pole barns and other structures. They can even make it a true turnkey project and furnish the home from their stock of merchandise or by special ordering to fit a customer’s style.
Says, owner Barnes, “We’re a full-service outfit. People can come here with a dream and I can finish it for them. I can bring it to life.”
Stephen O’Daniel and Andy O’Daniel, along with Barnes, make up the three-man construction crew. Miranda O’Daniel (Stephen’s wife) and Kaleigh Nash operate the High Country Home Store while Barnes’ wife, Tammy Barnes does the books for the company. Tammy Barnes is currently enrolled in classes and plans to add even more services to the options at High Country in the future.
In addition to new construction, Barnes and crew have also had the opportunity to restore several pre-Civil War style homes. They can create replicas of hand-hewed log cabins, with Barnes cutting the logs with his own sawmill, which is designed to provide the hand hewed look. Barnes also is a dealer with Log Homes of America and can provide their kiln dried logs to build log homes as well. The large variety of cultured stone and floor coverings available at High Country Timber and Stone give customers a wide selection of choices, whether remodeling their home or building new. Mulch and landscaping stones and timbers can be found to meet a variety of landscaping needs.
                                                                   Photo by Shari Harris
Home furnishings and décor are available 
in the showroom at High Country Timber and Stone.
The Barnes’ stock mostly American made furniture and home décor in their store. Southern Motion couches, recliners and lift chairs, and mattresses and box springs by Campbell are all “made in America” products. They have both contemporary and rustic furnishings and can order to fit your specific design or style needs.
Another line of items available at High Country is their hunting products, with Bull Creek insulated deer blinds and other products offered.
When High Country opened in 2007, Barnes already had fourteen years of experience in construction and masonry, having started in the trade right out of high school in 1993. High Country was located just south of its current location, and Kirk’s parents, Walter and Peggy Barnes, operated Barnes Home Décor in the building High Country currently occupies. A few years after his parents retired, Barnes moved High Country to its current location.
While Barnes and his crew have traveled to build custom homes, they prefer to keep within about an hour radius so they can make it home to their families each night. When they do go beyond that distance for log homes, they typically subcontract the finishing work to minimize their time away. High Country prefers to complete their own projects though, to ensure their customers are happy with the outcome. They have even restored log homes for people who are having problems with homes constructed by other companies. High Country provides a one-year warranty for their homes and Barnes and his crew strive to meet all their clients’ expectations. Says Barnes, “You learn about your customers to make the living space work for them.” He sits down with them and gets to know them before beginning a project. Many of their clients are people retiring to the area and much of it is out of town, so the more he understands his clients’ goals, the better he can design the project to meet their needs.
Whether you are building, remodeling, landscaping or window-shopping, a stop at High Country Timber and Stone may be just what your project needs. And keep your eyes open for their fall sales on hunting items, their annual Christmas sale and other special events. This year they had an Open House with live music. Barnes also plans to build and have two or three cabins on display near the store in the spring.
High Country Timber and Stone is located at 11749 Crest Lane, south of Licking on Highway 63, on the east side of the highway across from Agri-Enterprises. Their hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday, or you can call the store at 573-674-3979 or check out their Facebook page at High Country Timber and Stone LLC.



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