LAHSC: Owls, the Great Depression and great food

                                                                                                                                               Photo by Sandy Robertson
Zeph Kunkel, Cy Robertson-Hare, Nate Horton, Brianna Malikowski, Elizabeth Castleman, Louisa Banasan, Shannity Robertson-Hare.
By Cy Robertson-Hare

Friday, Jan. 10, found Licking Area Homeschool Coop members warm and having fun at Rock Springs Baptist Church. 
It was “Wooo-ville” in the littles room as the younglings investigated and created projects involving owls. Puppets, paintings and book readings kept the group busy. They all had smiles on their faces when they left so it must have been a hoot. 
Meanwhile, the elementary group dove deep into the era of the Great Depression investigating the “who, what, why and how” of the defining time period. The students created lapbooks to capture the era in a fun and interesting fashion. They topped off their learning by tasting Poor Man’s Meal and Frozen Fruit Salad. 
The high schoolers’ whole class rotated around the Filipino cuisine of Lumpias and Pancit. The exuberant sister duo of Elizabeth Castleman and Louisa Banasan taught the kids the skills needed to construct egg rolls stuffed with onion, cabbage, carrots and ground meat and a fried noodle dish comprised of cornstarch noodles, vegetables and pork. By the end of the morning no leftovers could be found. Yes, it was THAT good!



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