Licking Archers hit Salem Bullseye

                                                                                                                           Photo by Marley Stephan
Some of the Licking archers stopped for a photo after shooting at the Salem Bullseye State Qualifier Saturday. Front row from left are: Ryder Ingram, Roman Scavone, Jaxon Kuhn and Logan Stines. Back row from left are Titus Scavone and Coach Gina Whitaker.
By Shari Harris

The Licking High School, Middle School and Elementary archery team competed at Salem Bullseye State Qualifier Saturday, Feb. 8. Dakota Melton led the high school archers with a score of 252, scoring first of four archers among all ninth grade boys and third out of eight among all high school boys. Dru Lane finished second out of three ninth grade girls and fifth out of eight among all high school girls.
Logan Stines led the Licking middle school archers with a score of 231 and ranked third of eight for seventh grade boys, third of twenty-three for middle school boys. Ryder Ingram placed first out of 13 in the sixth grade boys and fourth out of twenty-three in middle school boys.
Keely Gorman scored 213 to lead the elementary archers and placed first out of eight in fifth grade girls, first out of ten among all elementary girls. Roman Scavone placed first out of six in fourth grade boys, first out of 11 among all elementary boys. Adam Hagler placed first out of five in fifth grade boys and second out of 11 among all elementary boys.
Licking was also represented at the tournament by Blake Ammons, Hannah Beasley, Ava Walker, Chloe Wallace, Madison Wallace, Dawson Havens, Winter Dayton, Mainard Henson, Jaxon Kuhn and Titus Scavone.



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