Licking License Office

By Christy Porter
Managing Editor

     Petitions are available at area locations to assist in the Licking License Office being reopened for bid by the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR).
     The Licking License Office is not currently open for bid; the petitions are to garner support for re-opening this location for bid. Should the office be re-opened for bid, the bidding would take place and, once an accepted bid is in place, the office would re-open for business.
     The License Office Bureau analyzes specific data to determine need for the office locations. However, there is communicated interest in Licking and surrounding areas to again have a license office located in our community. Stetson Stevens is spearheading a petition drive with the aspiration of the Mo. DOR reopening the Licking office for bids.
     After Stevens corresponded with the Mo. DOR and Rep. Robert Ross’ office, Ross’ office forwarded the following response to them from the DOR. “I discussed this license office with our License Office's Bureau, and based on analysis that takes in to account the mileage residents have in proximity to other license offices, and the amount of transactions an office processes each year, it was determined that the Licking License Office will not be rebid out at this time. These evaluations are redone every so often, and so if this determination changes, we can update your office accordingly.”
     “After the response from DOR I still know there is hope in getting the bid re-opened for our local office,” says Stevens. “I have heard people comment to previous Licking License office employees, myself included, that they wish we could re-open the office. However there is a process that has to be followed beginning with the opportunity to bid on the office.”
     He continues, “With income and travel restrictions in our area, it does cause a burden to individuals having to commute to Houston’s office (the only office currently in Texas County). In addition the wait times, which are further sometimes, escalated due to the additional clientele, make it difficult for area residents. In example: numerous people switched banks when Simmons Bank closed the Licking branch, this due to the additional drive to continue banking at Simmons. Luckily there was a local option. That is not the case for licensing needs.
     “Residents from other nearby areas also utilized the Licking License Office due to its accessibility, short wait times and friendly, helpful service. Area logging and trucking industries utilized the local office for its convenience and easy access.
     “Not only does it benefit local residents but also is potentially a benefit to the local township economy, feasibly generating additional business for local restaurants, service stations and retail stores.
     “In conclusion, sometimes mileage and a number of transactions do not reflect the needs and desires of a rural community and population. Having had a license office for many years in this community which generated income and provided an invaluable service, this office is not experimental; it is a proven positive business for all concerned.”
     The petitions may be found at Friend Lumber, Lewis & Sons, Licking City Hall, Rinne Pharmacy, Rinne’s Fast & Friendly, Town & Country Bank, Town & Country Supermarket and The Licking News, should you like to participate with your signature. If you have further questions, Stetson Stevens can be contacted at 417-260-5348.



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