STEM on display at sixth grade Science Fair

First place: Abigail Penn, Sports/Ballistics/Outdoors.
First place, tie: Emilie Williams and Dayllyn Cooper (not pictured), Physical Science.

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First place, tie: Jaxon Kuhn, Biology.
First place, tie: Adam Morgan, Biology.

First place: Morgin Sherrill, Consumer Science.

First place: Addison Floyd, Chemistry.
First place: Jadyn Barnes, Human Body.
By Christy Porter
Managing Editor

Science, technology, engineering and math were all evident to varying degrees in the projects displayed at the sixth grade Science Fair.
Mrs. Hagler’s sixth grade students have been diligently working on their science fair projects since January. Each student choose a project topic, researched their topic, conducted the appropriate experiments testing the hypothesis and then shared the results of their dedicated work on display boards. Their hard work was done in science and computer class, as well as at home.
“The projects were amazing, and I am proud of the effort and quality put into these projects,” said Mrs. Hagler.
In addition to the students receiving a grade, teachers and people from the community judged the projects, with ribbons awarded in each category.
Categories with placement are as follows:
First place - Abigail Penn; second place, tie - Cason Malone and Ryder Ingram; third place - Mya Rinne and Madison Larimore.
Physical Science
First place, tie - Dayllyn Cooper and Emilie Williams; second place, tie - Carter Degon and Keirnen Scott; third place, tie - Traci Routh and Kalyn Tatroe.
Consumer Science
First place - Morgin Sherrill; second place - Aleksey Cook; third place - Isaac Rinne.
First place, tie - Jaxon Kuhn and Adam Morgan; second place - Sadie Hutsell; third place - Miranda Torrans.
First place - Addison Floyd; second place - Isabella Lewey; third place - Randale Dodd.
Human Body
First place - Jadyn Barnes; second place, tie - Autumn Johnson and Bev Tomory; third place - Jack Roberts.
Congratulations to everyone on a job well done.
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