Taking advantage of time at home

Many thanks to those in our local community, individually and collectively, for remaining positive and proactive in these trying and frightening times. Repeatedly we have seen the care and concern for others in this time of constant change, reflected by checking on our neighbors and maintaining a safe distance.
We are choosing to be thankful for our many blessings, which sometimes go unrecognized. Pray for family, friends, community, state and country for this to pass quickly and with minimal loss.
As we try to stay safe at home, use this time to build and appreciate family relationships and friendships. Find new, fun and innovative ways to entertain and challenge yourself. Enjoy the great outdoors at a safe distance from others, but take your umbrella. The fresh air and activity is good for your physical well-being as well as your mental health. Take up a new hobby you haven’t had time for, or finish an incomplete project. Play games, talk and really get to know each other. Use this opportunity to cook balanced meals and teach your kids to cook, do laundry, build something special together, etc.

Call your family, friends and neighbors; you now have the time to talk. We all may be surprised at how enjoyable connecting on a personal basis can be. Maintain a sense of humor in close quarters, stay safe and well, and wash your hands!



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