Licking R-VIII School Board Meeting

By Shari Harris

The Licking R-VIII School Board met on Monday, April 13. Board members and Supt. Wright met in a classroom. The meeting was livestreamed across the hall to the elementary library, where other attendees could watch and provide audio input to the meeting. The library offered space for social distancing and both rooms were kept below the 10-member group limitation set by the Governor.
Electrical work was completed to allow another nursing office, and switches were replaced in the FEMA building. A leak was fixed in Mr. Rinne’s office. Expenses were approved.
Mrs. Stephens provided the Special Education report. Services continue with phone calls/activities by paraprofessionals and teachers. Two students continue to receive Occupational Therapy and one receives Physical Therapy on campus. Work on IEP’s continues. Programs to meet the needs of at-risk students were reviewed with the board. The Board voted to renew the contract with the Exceptional Child Co-op to provide services for special needs students.
Kindergarten screening has been moved to fall and packets were planned to be sent out Tuesday, April 14.
Renewal of concussion insurance was approved.
The cancellation of Prom received serious discussion, with Board members finding no viable alternatives to cancellation. Further discussion of graduation and end of school banquet activities was held as well.
The board met in closed session to discuss personnel matters.



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