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Election Day protocol

Some procedures have been modified or changed this coming Election Day, June 2, due to COVID-19. The new protocols have been instituted to protect your health, the health of the poll workers and others, while exercising your right and responsibility to vote in the current election.
Only poll workers, watchers and voters may enter the polling place, unless assisting a voter. Only 10 voters will be allowed inside the polling place at one time. Additional voters may wait outside the building or in their vehicles.
Voters will scan their own ID and show the ID to the poll worker; documents will not pass between the voter and the worker.
Each voter will be given a disinfected, clean pen at the verification station and disinfected pens will be used throughout the voting process.
One table will be allotted to each voter to mark the ballot.
Before arriving at the voting poll:
• Be prepared with up-to-date voter registration information;
• Know where your polling place is located;
• Study your sample ballot prior to arriving at the poll to reduce time;
• Avoid voting at peak times to reduce exposure to others.
Follow CDC guidelines for social distancing:
• If you are not feeling well, do not enter the poll. Call ahead and ask for curbside service.
• Maintain an adequate distance (recommendation is 6-feet) between yourself and others while at the poll and be patient;
• Hand sanitizer will be offered upon entering the poll;
• Common surfaces and voting equipment will periodically be cleaned and sanitized.
Cast your ballot:
• Place pens and ballot markers where instructed;
• Deposit your ballot into the ballot box and use the available hand sanitizer again before leaving the poll.
There is a sample ballot on page B3 in this week’s issue, which includes not only the candidates but also voting locations and times. GO VOTE!!!


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