Licking R-VIII Retirement - Lee Williams

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Allison Lewis (left) and Lee Williams (right) have shared a fun camaraderie 
during their professional experience together.
By Allison Lewis
JH Principal/Athletic Director

Students and staff can hear her laugh through the halls of the science building or in Sherman Hill Fieldhouse during any athletic event. If she is not laughing, she is gushing about her grandbaby, Charlotte. Those looking for a good laugh can find Mrs. Lee in the Athletic Office or Mrs. Kuhn’s room prepping one of her tasty meals for a school related event.
Mrs. Lee Williams has been with Licking Schools for almost 24 years. She has dabbled in many different areas but settled in the Athletic Office in 2004. She has weathered the change of four different administrators, while feeding staff for Parent-Teacher Conferences, ensuring officials get paid, refining schedules, organizing the athletic office, answering the phone, requesting buses and completing all the other important tasks that come with assisting in a school office. Teachers and students somehow always find their way into Mrs. Lee’s office just for a daily pick-me-up.
There is something about the comfort of knowing you have that someone to count on at school, someone who is there when no one else can be. They comfort you when friendships end, you don’t feel good, you’re hurt, or you’re just having a bad day. That person for students and staff at Licking JH/HS is Mrs. Williams. She is there to put a smile on your face when you need it and may not even know it. Once students leave JH and head to 9th grade, they don’t stop returning to Mrs. Lee’s office just for a chat or maybe a piece of candy. Ms. Lee has been there for them all.
Not only does she have a heart for the students, she has a heart for the staff and coaches and their love of food. Licking Schools have been blessed with one of the best caterers for the last 24 years. From back-to-school breakfasts, parent-teacher conferences, and hospitality rooms, she does it all! We can always count on smiles and full bellies when Lee is cooking. Her meals are always greatly appreciated by coaches, ADs, officials, bus drivers and administration from our school and others. Edward Monje writes about Mrs. Lee, “Mrs. Williams is a great ambassador for Licking Schools. She is the best host when it comes to student athletes’ sports. We, as officials, will miss all the guidance she has provided us. And on the plus side, she’s an excellent food preparation person. Her potato soup is to smile for. I thank her for all she does.”
All at Licking Schools are all blessed to have had the opportunity to know and work with Lee Williams. She has made a positive impression on all those that she encountered in the office and in the gym. Students and staff will miss the high-energy, bubbly personality, laughter, friend, and kind-hearted soul that occupied the front desk in the Athletic Office.
We wish good luck to Mrs. Lee on her retirement. We hope she enjoys the time with her family and loved ones. (I know Miss Charlotte is waiting for more Grandma time!) All of those at Licking JH/HS will miss you dearly. I know I will. I have made a friend for a lifetime. The stars aligned the day we were put in the office together; someone knew we needed each other. Congratulations, friend! I love you dearly.
Thank you for your service and dedication to Licking Athletics, students and athletes. Once a Wildcat Always a Wildcat!



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