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R-VIII School Board Candidate - Andrea Ramsey-Sullins

Andrea Ramsey-Sullins was born and raised in the Licking community, graduating from Licking R-VIII in 2005. She received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Southwest Baptist University in 2013. She has certification in K – 6 General Education as well as K -12 Special Education. Sullins has taught multiple grade levels during her career and is currently working on her master’s degree.
Sullins’ desire is to be part of a group that wishes to cultivate a culture of students first. She sees being a part of the school board as “a good way for me to support the school system and contribute to the community with my passion for education.” Sullins believes it is incredibly important to have educators as well as parents on the board, while remaining teacher supportive. “The decision to run for the school board has been a prayerful decision,” she says.
In 2018, Sullins’ husband took a job that requires a significant amount of travel. As a family they decided that homeschooling would afford them the opportunity to travel and spend more time together. Sullins resigned from teaching public school, a job she loved, to make this happen. “Although my children are not in the public school system currently, I still strongly believe in my community and school,” says Sullins. She loves being an educator and has plans to return to a public school setting to teach when the situation allows.
“Building a bridge between educators and parents, strengthening communication and interaction is key to a better education system. Participating in the school board would allow me to facilitate that,” says Sullins. She would like to offer a possible alternative viewpoint while on the board and encourage and support professional development whenever possible.
 “I would love to apply my passion for education in a different manner and serve on the school board. I believe I would be an asset to the board because I am a parent, a teacher and I have worked closely with administration. Having been on all sides, I could make balanced, thoughtful and logical decisions. As an educator myself, I understand the varying needs of the students and have a strong grasp of what teachers need to support their efforts in the classroom. I also understand how the decisions made at the board level impact the classroom. I have the ability to see issues from multiple sides in order to make the best decisions for all involved. I am a very driven, goal-oriented and organized person who would love to be part of the team that ensures our community and schools thrive,” says Sullins.


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