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R-VIII School Board Candidate - Colton Lewis

Colton Lewis is a 2011 Licking High School graduate who continued his education at the Missouri Welding Institute, graduating in November 2011. He immediately utilized his welding degree traveling for work at various refineries, chemical plants and compression stations. When he tired of being away from home for extended periods of time, he moved back to Licking and in 2015 joined his father, Ronny Lewis, at Lewis & Sons Garage and Gas Station. “I’m here to stay,” says Colton.
Lewis and his wife, Samie, have two children, son, Kyler, who is seven and daughter, Knoxlee, two. As a parent, a great school system is a priority for Lewis. He wants to step up and help resolve the various issues now so they don’t pass to the next generation.
Lewis wants to serve the kids and enjoys volunteering, all to help make the community better and keep it growing. He currently organizes and coaches Little League in town.
As the long-term board members move on to new ventures, Lewis believes the younger generation needs to step-up and fill the vacancies; this is his hope for becoming a member of the school board. “I don’t feel it’s a ‘change the agenda’ platform, so much as representatives from the younger generation serving the school and the community, and communicating their viewpoint and different ideas.”
His job is very much one-on-one communication with many members of the local community, which he enjoys a great deal; it also allows him to hear the expression of many viewpoints coming from the “shop” talk. This would allow him to bring a community-minded viewpoint to the school but also a school viewpoint back to the community. He feels that the public should be more involved with the school environment as well as other educational offerings of the community, such as the library, museum and public sport offerings.
Lewis has had very good examples of positive involvement, not only with his father but also with his mother, Tena Lewis, who is a teacher with Licking R-VIII. Educational involvement has been and is what Colton would like to continue as a multi-generational tradition. “It’s an investment in my children,” says Lewis.


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