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R-VIII School Board Candidate - Debbie Kimmis Cook

Debbie Kimmis Cook is a 1997 LHS graduate who returned to Licking after college graduation because she considered Licking home.
“My father was a minister at First Baptist Church, which is what prompted our move to Licking in 1994. After graduating from LHS, I attended and graduated from the University of Texas in 2002 and obtained my CPA certificate in 2004,” says Cook.
She is currently employed at Alfermann, Gray & Co., LLC, in Rolla, an accounting firm. She has been with the company since 2003.
Cook has six children, ages 2 to 15 years, with five currently in the school system, grades three to nine. “This school and its well-being are very important to me. I believe a good school is the backbone of the community,” she said. “The parental investment is a valuable asset to bring to the board. We have a good school and I want to maintain that and move forward.”
She feels that having 17 years of experience in accounting would allow her to add value to the board with the financial aspects, especially in regards to the needed building improvements and budget issues facing the school.
“Because I am capable of handling many things at once and am able to problem solve in many different areas, I feel I would work well with others to find solutions.” Cook continues, “Sometimes new perspective brings in possible new avenues of achieving goals.”


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