Class of 2020 graduation

                                                                            Photo by Shari Harris
The Class of 2020 celebrates their “nearly traditional” graduation.
By Shari Harris

Though delayed by COVID-19 restrictions, the Class of 2020 showed their determination as they succeeded in holding their graduation at the Sherman Hill Field House Saturday evening, June 13. Family members were in attendance to cheer on their graduates, but the event was not open to the public in order to allow family members the space to socially distance from others if so desired.
The Cat’s Meow presented special music for the evening, under the direction of Mrs. Briana Link.
                                Photo by Shari Harris
Dr. Hatch was honored for his years of service
 after his commencement address.
Dr. Daniel Hatch presented the commencement address. Dr. Hatch spoke of his wishes for the seniors, and emphasized the importance of teamwork in our lives. At the end of his presentation, the audience provided a standing ovation. LHS Principal Jarad Rinne asked for a show of hands in the audience of people who had Dr. Hatch as a teacher, and the number was impressive. Another standing ovation was provided to Dr. Hatch in honor of his years of service to the school and the community. He is retiring from teaching this year.
Both Eiljah Keeney and Kelly Lewis presented salutatory addresses this year. Keeney spoke of the closeness of the Class of 2020, how they supported each other, yet were not afraid to humble you if necessary. Lewis addressed the possibilities awaiting and quoted J. R. R. Tolkien, “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”
Hannah Tillery was the 2020 Valedictorian. She reminded the audience that the lives of the Class of 2020 have entirely been post-911. They have been shaped by experiences unique to that generation. “We come together,” said Tillery. She spoke of the loss of her grandfather and the impact it has had on her career choice, to try to find cures for diseases. Tillery urged her classmates to “leave the world a better place than what we found it.”
High School Counselor Joann Keeney presented the scholarships and awards, after a brief explanation of two of the more frequently mentioned awards.
                                                                                                                                                        Photo by Janell Duncan
Graduates who were members of National Honor Society included, from left, front row: Anjeni Morrell, Hannah Tillery, Elijah Keeney, Kelly Lewis, Ashley Creek and Abigail Cole; and back row: Gideon Antle, Madilynn Cole, Abagail Moncrief, Samantha Ellsworth, Dakota Decker, Camryn Clayton and Ripleigh Sullins.

The George Washington Carver Award is presented by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to students who rank in the top ten percent of the class.
A+ Scholarship Award recipients are eligible for two years of tuition and fees to any Missouri two-year Community College or Vocational-Technical School. This scholarship is worth up to approximately $10,000. To be eligible, students must have attended a designated A+ High School for three consecutive years; maintained a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher; maintained a cumulative attendance of 95 percent or better, met the Math Proficiency Level; completed 50 hours of unpaid tutoring in the district; and maintained a record of good citizenship and avoided the unlawful use of drugs and alcohol.
Superintendent Cristina Wright presented the salutatory and valedictory awards to Keeney, Lewis and Tillery. She also presented the citizenship awards to Bailie Joyner and Elijah Keeney.
School Board President Roy Kinder handed out diplomas as Principal Rinne called the role.
Confetti and silly string filled the air when Principal Rinne presented the Class of 2020. When the air cleared, the class exited, not to the sound of Sir Edward Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance,” but to their class song, “Thunderstruck,” by AC/DC.
Scholarships and awards for the Class of 2020
Gideon Antle - A+ Scholarship Award; Jefferson College Athletic Achievement Scholarship, $2,025/annually; Luke Holland Scholarship, $1,000
Ebonnie Baker - A+ Scholarship Award
Kalee Brazier - A+ Scholarship Award
Levi Cantrell - A+ Scholarship Award; D. Wyatt Scholarship; Justin Dixon Memorial Scholarship, $250
Camryn Clayton - A+ Scholarship Award
Maggie Cline - A+ Scholarship Award; Hannibal-LaGrange University Southern Baptist Heritage Scholarship; Hannibal-LaGrange University RISE Scholarship; Dale Stanley Memorial Athletic Scholarship, $1,000
Abigail Cole - George Washington Carver Award; A+ Scholarship Award; Helping Hands Scholarship, $1,000
Madilynn Cole - George Washington Carver Award; A+ Scholarship Award; Licking Memorial VFW Post 6337 Scholarship, $1,500; Stephen Maynard Scholarship; Housden Scholarship
Alyssa Cooper - A+ Scholarship Award; Justin Dixon Memorial Scholarship, $250
Ashley Creek - George Washington Carver Award; A+ Scholarship Award; Licking Chamber of Commerce, $500; Gina McKinney Scholarship – School at Large; Licking United Community Help Center Scholarship, $1,000
Dakota Decker - A+ Scholarship Award
Seth Farris - A+ Scholarship Award
Daiza Feringa - A+ Scholarship Award
Lucas Green - A+ Scholarship Award; Rolla Technical Center Outstanding Student Award
Isaac Haden - Missouri’s Bright Flight Scholarship, $3,000; Missouri Science & Technology; Access Missouri Award, $2,000; Missouri Science & Technology; Curators Scholar Scholarship, $3,500; Missouri Science & Technology Scholarship, $3,500; Memorial VFW Post 6337 Scholarship, $1,000; Gina McKinney Scholarship, $2,000; Paul Morrison Music Scholarship, $250
Karlee Holland - A+ Scholarship Award; Three Rivers College Basketball Scholarship, $14,380 annually
Sean Jacobs - Truman State University; Housing Support Scholarship, $2,000
Bailie Joyner - A+ Scholarship Award; College of the Ozarks Scholarship, $13,732/annually; College of the Ozarks Work Program, $5,768/annually; Licking Community Teachers Association Scholarship, $500; Licking United Community Help Center Scholarship, $1,000; Bonnie Carter Memorial Scholarship, $500; The Eden May Bisker Memorial Scholarship, $300; United Methodist Men Scholarship, $1000
Elijah Keeney - George Washington Carver Award; A+ Scholarship Award; Missouri State University-Springfield, Access Missouri Program, $2,000; Missouri State University-Springfield, Provost Scholarship, $3,000; Missouri State University-Springfield, Provost On-Campus Housing, $1,000; Licking Memorial VFW Post 6337 Scholarship, $2,000; Town & Country Bank Scholarship, $1,000; FBLA Scholarship, $500; Jimmy Gobble Scholarship, $300; Earl Haggard Scholarship, $500; Licking United Community Help Center Scholarship, $1,000; Science Club Scholarship, $250
Samantha Lavely - A+ Scholarship Award; Truman State University, Housing Support Scholarship, $2,000; Truman State University, A+ Recognition Scholarship, $500; Truman State University, TruMerit Scholarship, $2,000; Truman State University, President’s Honorary Scholarship, $1,500; Alumni Scholarship, $500
Kelly Lewis - George Washington Carver Award; A+ Scholarship Award; Earl Haggard Scholarship, $500
Tyleigh Lucas - A+ Scholarship Award
Shyanne McPherson - A+ Scholarship Award
Abagail Moncrief - George Washington Carver Award; A+ Scholarship Award; Texas County Memorial Hospital Youth Ambassador Scholarship, $500; FCCLA Community Blood Center of the Ozarks, $500; Lisa Henry Scholarship, $500; Dave Murphy-Athletic Award, $1,000; Grant Lewis Memorial Scholarship; Gina McKinney Scholarship, $2000
Anjeni Morrell                 - University of Missouri-St. Louis Chancellors Scholarship, $5,000; University of Missouri-St. Louis Diversity & Inclusion Award, $2,000; University of Missouri-St. Louis Community Scholarship at Oak Hall, $3,500; University of Missouri-St. Louis Access Missouri Award, $2,000
Isobel Sawyer - A+ Scholarship Award
Dawn Shepherd - A+ Scholarship Award
Vail Smith - A+ Scholarship Award; Coy L. Rodgers Scholarship
Ripleigh Sullins - A+ Scholarship Award
Shakoda Swaringim - A+ Scholarship Award
Hannah Tillery                 - George Washington Carver Award; Missouri University of Science & Technology Scholarship, $1,000; Missouri University of Science & Technology, Evans Dean’s Scholarship, $3,000/annually; Texas County Memorial Hospital Youth Ambassador Scholarship, $750; MFA Foundation Scholarship, $2,000; The Eden May Bisker Memorial Scholarship
Quinton Trout                  - A+ Scholarship Award
Evelyn Tyree - A+ Scholarship Award
Sarah Warnock - A+ Scholarship Award
Graci Wells - A+ Scholarship Award
Zachary Wintgen - Truman State University, Housing Support Scholarship, $2,000; Truman State University, TruMerit Scholarship, $3,000; Truman State University, President’s Honorary Scholarship, $1,500; Alumni Scholarship, $500
                                                                                                                                              Photo by Shari Harris
The Baccalaureate service was held at Licking Pentecostal Holiness Church Wednesday evening, June 10.
                                                                             Photo submitted
Ripleigh Sullins and Elijah Keeney were named Mr. and Miss Senior 
at the Senior Breakfast on Monday, June 8, to kick off Senior Week.
                                                                                                               Photo by Shari Harris
Here come the seniors! Levi Cantrell was the lead senior in the parade Friday, June 12.
                                                                                                                            Photo by Janell Duncan
From left, salutatorian Elijah Keeney, valedictorian Hannah Tillery and salutatorian Kelly Lewis 
presented speeches at the graduation ceremony Saturday evening.
                   Photo by Janell Duncan
The LHS graduating class of 2020.
                                                         Photo by Joann Keeney
These students have been together for 13-years of school.

                                                                      Photo by Joann Keeney
Seniors attending project graduation were eligible to win prizes. 
These lucky graduates didn’t go home empty handed.
Photos by Shari Harris

Photos by Shari Harris




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