Raymondville Grocery changes to JR’ville Store

                                                                                                                                 Photo by Shari Harris
The proud new owners of JR’ville Store, the Smith family, provide groceries, sandwiches and more to the community of Raymondville. Gary “JR” and wife JoLynn Smith are pictured with, from left, sons Tobias, Uriah and Jason.
By Shari Harris

There’s a new name for a Raymondville business with decades of history. New owners are operating what was the Raymondville Grocery and Market. JoLynn and Gary Smith, Jr. (JR) bought the hometown grocery in January and took possession on May 15.
The JR’ville Store has the same sandwiches, baked goods and store items that customers have come to expect. A few of the store’s new additions include homemade pizza, homemade bread (fresh baked daily), a fountain machine, movie rentals, sunglasses and a small dining corner where you can enjoy your food.
The Borel family operated the grocery for 35 years, starting the business to offer sandwiches and a small grocery for the community. Charla and Dale Borel can still be found at Bo’s Hollow, which is closed for the 2020 season but should be open next year.
The store has been an important part of the community, participating in school and other local fundraisers and events over the years. JR Smith grew up in Raymondville and has fond memories of the store. He plans to continue to support the community and school, and hopes the store will be a part of the hometown memories of many more generations of Raymondville citizens.
                                                        Photo submitted
This JR Smith memory of the store was captured in a photograph, 
when he won the Halloween costume contest in 1988 (center of photo).
JoLynn is pleased to be able to spend her days at the store. She previously had to leave her family every day to work in her homecare business. But the store allows her to have her family with her. The younger three Smith children, Uriah (12), Jason (8) and Tobias (7), have a game room in the back of the store where they can be close to their parents. They also help around the store, stocking chips and sodas, sweeping and helping with deliveries (a new service offered at JR’ville store within the city limits of Raymondville). There are two older sisters as well; Sydney helps out at the store occasionally and Vail is graduating from high school this year and has been accepted to Washington State University.
“I can have my family and have my work,” says JoLynn. Her long days at the store begin at 4:30 a.m. and she doesn’t leave until 5 p.m., so having time to step away and spend a few minutes with the family during the long day is very important to her.
JoLynn met JR when she had a thrift store (New 2 You) next door to the grocery. Her goal is to be able to eventually open the thrift store again, with proceeds earmarked to help foster children and those in need.
The Smiths have more plans to improve the store. JR is fixing up the building and wants a new porch on the front of the store. He is also cleaning out the south side of the store which is currently closed off. He would like to open a discount grocery store in the space. The building on the north side is also planned for renovations, with a barber shop under consideration. The addition of new businesses could bring new life to Raymondville.
If you haven’t been to JR’ville Store, stop by 158 Hwy. B in Raymondville. If you live in Raymondville and need a delivery, call (417) 457-6400. They are open 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and Saturday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.



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