Travel Clubs raising funds and having fun

                                                                                                                       Photo by Christy Porter
Samantha Wagner was raising funds for the World Travel Club’s Summer 2021 EF’s World Tour 
to Australia and New Zealand, selling Cajun Spices and Ruger Rifle raffle tickets. 
Participating students will be eligible to receive a free high school or a paid college credit for completion of a project related to the Australia and New Zealand trip. 
She also proudly displayed and sold the Kingtown Cruise In t-shirts. 
The Wagner’s, mother Eileen and daughters, contribute to making the 
Kingtown Cruise In a family event each year.
                                                                                                                     Photo by Christy Porter
The Wildcat Travel Club contributed to the festivities at the Kingtown Cruise In on Saturday, raising funds for their Summer 2021 EF’s Tour of WWII and the Western Front. 
Members of the club hosted a bake sale and a BB Poker Shoot. 
A BB Poker Shoot is done with a contestant shooting a BB gun to hit a total of 
five facedown playing cards, which becomes their hand. 
The first best hand was Suzie Blackburn, second best hand was Jamie Maxey; 
all winnings were donated back to the Wildcat Travel Club. 
Allie Decker had the worst hands for both pots and received an item from the bake sale for each. 
Raffle tickets for two cornhole boards, made by John Wulff, were also available for purchase. 

                                                              Photo by Christy Porter
Vincent Orlando takes careful aim, with a little help, and then checks out his target.



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