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A ramble down memory lane

                                                                             Photos submitted
Circa 1880s, the dedication of Hepsoda Baptist Church, (above) 
and (below), the Hepsoda School with students and teacher.

Submitted by an Old Timer

As I sit in my rocking chair this morning, my mind wanders back to years long ago of the Hepsoda Community. Hepsoda is on the Dent County line, just across from the Texas County line, on Pigeon Creek. Hepsoda was always pronounced HepsodY, HepsodA. This area was mostly hills, rocks and brush, but portions of the area were fair farmland or timberland.
The one-room school stood on the hilltop and was attended by students up to the eighth grade. The Christmas programs and pie suppers were well attended. Some of the activity consisted of fiddle music provided by Bill Poor.
Large crowds attended the Hepsoda Baptist Church. Dynamic preaching filled the pulpit and many souls sought salvation at the altar, some baptisms took place at Pigeon Creek. The church was home to talented singers and quartets. Hepsoda Cemetery is on the church grounds.
At one time, the one-room school and the church were pillars of the community. Some of the names of the community were Sharp, Campbell, Robertson, Craig, Holland, Floyd, Gorman, Bogart, Collins, Crabtree, Davis, Nelson, Williams and Cadle. These are only a few names, which I recall.
From these hills came a court judge, a professor, teachers, bankers, business owners, ministers, farmers and veterans who served our country.
Most of the Hepsoda Community are gone now, some buried in the Patterson Cemetery.
The beautiful spring has been dry for sometime, the school bell no longer tolls and the shouts of the school children are no longer heard. The old time customs have disappeared. But the owls and whip-poor-wills still call and Pigeon Creek continues to flow.


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