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Dablemont: storyteller, listener

                                                                                                                           Photo by Christy Porter
Charlie Curran (forefront) and Jim Barr (left) shared humorous stories and serious fishing tales with Larry Dablemont at Dablemont’s Book Signing on Friday. Lill Cash (not pictured) was an attentive listener.
By Christy Porter
Managing Editor

Author, speaker, naturalist and outdoorsman Larry Dablemont held a book signing at The Licking News Friday afternoon. Several readers and visitors stopped by to share stories and get an autograph. 
                                                                                                                        Photo by Christy Porter
Don Benson (left) shared with author Larry Dablemont how the book “Ridge Runner” “brought back many memories of being on the river.”
Dablemont was born and raised in the southern Missouri Ozarks on the Big Piney River. He began writing about life in the Ozarks and the outdoors at a young age.
After receiving a degree from University of Missouri-Columbia, he became an Outdoor Editor, a Chief Naturalist for Arkansas State Parks Dept. and a Naturalist for the National Park Service at Buffalo National River. He also continued to write outdoor columns for news publications and articles for national magazines.
While living in North Arkansas in 1975, he decided to become a full-time freelance writer. Many have enjoyed and continue to enjoy his magazine articles, newspaper columns and photographs.
In addition to his newspaper columns, he publishes “Larry Dablemont’s Lightnin’ Ridge Outdoor Journal” and a planned “Journal of the Ozarks.” His books encompass a library of ten titles, which include regaling stories of history and outdoor life, with more titles in the works.
A selection of Dablemont’s autographed books are available at The Licking News and his weekly column can be read on page B1.


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